Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Branded! Lt. Gen. Jay Silverio Must Publicly Apologize in an Impassioned Speech on the Need to be Skeptical of Campus “Hate Crimes,” be Fired as Superintendent of the Air Force Academy Affirmative Action Prep School in Colorado Springs, Busted in Rank, and Drummed Out of the Air Force!

By Nicholas Stix

Silverio promoted the hate crime hoax that had been pulled off by a black cadet who has since been expelled.

It was obvious that the writing on a dry erase board outside the black perp’s dorm room was a hoax—racist blacks had pulled this stunt so many times—and yet, Silverio sucked up to the media, giving an impassioned, completely dishonest speech attacking “racism.”

Live by the media, die by the media.

At ABC’s Denver Affiliate.


David In TN said...

By the way, the 1965-66 Branded TV series is currently running on the INSP cable-satellite channel. I doubt Silverio is going to have that happen to him.

Anonymous said...

He only gave that pathetic little "I'm addressing only Whitey" speech in an attempt to save his own ass (job) before the shit storm had a chance to even start clouding up. Way to go Lt. Gen Bafoonary. Step down fool.

Unknown said...

Somehow these disgusting incidents seem to have an afterlife. This is what the BLM MAFIA want.

I just read a post today (Jan 16, 2018) on Linked In, that dredged it back up, so the left wingers and know nothing’s who fail to read the national news, are at it again; using it as yet another manufactured, fake event to stir up hostility and insult the thousands and thousands of Patriots who have graduated from USAFA. This three star and academy graduate himself succumbed to the hysteria about the non event and cried wolf in his best bravado voice - as if he were leading a mortal charge in Iwo Jima.

Shame. Retire. Go away! You don’t represent me.

The famous sign leading to the Terrazo that said “Bring me Men” obviously did not apply to him who rose through the politically correct ranks during the Obama administration!

Anonymous said...

"The famous sign leading to the Terrazo that said 'Bring me Men' obviously did not apply to him"


And yes, I saw the general and his little speech and did think this man is a fucking idiot and totally clueless. That perpetrator was a probation and had not even been sworn in as a cadet. Was an athlete [negro] possible. Of course.