Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Re: “To Defend America—Will Inauguration Day AntiFa Rioters Get ‘Exemplary Sentencing’?”

Hi Mr. Stix. I refer to the hard left as CTRL-left. Feel free to use the term. I enjoy your articles. Please keep my anonymity.



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Anonymous said...

How does Roy Moore prove his innocence from 35 years ago?How do these women prove his guilt?Isn't there a statute of limitations for a reason?Legally,none of this can be verified,so if Gloria Allred gets a call from the Dems to line up some women,all she(and they)can do is accuse.Sound familiar?Trump had to weather the same political garbage last year.
Now this late news that robocalls were being sent to women between 50 and 55,asking if they'd like some money to accuse Roy Moore of sex crimes.
If I were Moore,I wouldn't quit either.
--GR Anonymous