Monday, November 20, 2017

White Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh: Instead of Responding to Out-of-Control Black Crime by, You Know, Fighting Crime, We Need Yet More Programs that are Nothing but Pretexts to Rob White Taxpayers of Still More Billions of Dollars, While Handcuffing the Police, and Encouraging Blacks to Commit Still More Crime

By Nicholas Stix

Bob Rector of Heritage estimated a few years ago that whites (he didn't say that, he said "the government") had spent $20 trillion on the War on Whites, er, Poverty.

Although some of those trillions went to Hispanics, and about $3.50 went to whites, Rector is notoriously conservative, and always lowballs such numbers.

He also doesn't go into whites' losses from:

• Black invaders causing their home values to plummet to anywhere from zero to way below what they paid for them;

• Being robbed and thieved by blacks;

• Having to spend private school tuition, in order to try and save their children from blacks;

• The hundreds of billions of dollars whites continue to pay for old money pit programs (pre-school, etc.) for blacks, and the constant new ones (see above);

• Having to pay for multiple black kids, for every one of their own, since blacks refuse to pay for their own; and

• Missing work, due to being beaten, raped, maimed and murdered by blacks.

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Anonymous said...

They have a white mayor in Baw-more?? How is that possible. The mayor during the recent riots was a colored woman?