Wednesday, November 08, 2017

“A Man” Did It. “A Man.” They Will Never Say an Illegal Alien Did It: “Man Who Threw [Semen] on Women Pleads Guilty; ICE Deportation Order Issued”


“Manuel Banuelos-Alcala in court in May and a surveillance photo released by the Portland Police Bureau (KPTV)”

By Reader-Researcher A.L.

FOX 12/KPTV Portland: “Man who threw bodily fluid on women pleads guilty; ICE deportation order issued.”

Fox refused to say what country Banuelos-Alcala belongs to.


Anonymous said...

In Mexico if they caught you doing that you would be chased, mobbed and killed.

Anonymous said...

In Kalamazoo,a murder/shoot your kid/suicide,occurred today and it looks like a black guy killing his white gf--however it is impossible to confirm 100% as of now.
With only visuals from various media,but no pics of the shooter and victims,it still appears,as WOOD interviewed the mother of the deceased,to be a racial crime.She is white--the vics name identified as Julina Gale Gibson,25.
Her boyfriend,and the shooter of Gibson and the couples son is ID'ed as Nicholas Allen Mitchell,40.
Gibson's mom,Lisa Newkirk,was interviewed and lots of blacks seen in the background.
If my suspicion is confirmed,I will give more details.
Mitchell shot Gibson in the back of the head,shot their son(not fatally)and then himself dead.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"In Mexico if they caught you doing that you would be chased, mobbed and killed."

Merely displaying an American flag in Mex might get you chased, mobbed and killed.