Friday, November 24, 2017

Texas Immigration News: Missing “Grand Prairie” Woman Found Unharmed Following Report of Abduction


Kidnapping victim Madai Cazares, 23

By A Texas Reader

What would Fred Reed think?


Missing Grand Prairie woman found unharmed following report of abduction

The search for a Grand Prairie woman came to an end Thanksgiving evening after she and her estranged boyfriend were found unharmed….

Cazares recently ended a relationship with Jose Eduardo Reyes, who authorities said kidnapped his ex Tuesday. The victim's mother, Maria Cazares, said their relationship was sometimes violent and that her daughter was trying …

N.S.: First of all, she’s not a Grand Prairie woman. Mexican, more likely.

If you hit the link, and watch the video, you’ll learn that neither Madai Cazares’ pretty mother, Maria Cazares, nor either of her two children speaks a word of English. Madai and Maria are almost certainly illegal aliens, with the two bastards Madai had with Jose Eduardo Reyes illegal anchor babies.

Thus, we see five illegal aliens costing White American citizen net taxpayers millions of dollars, and creating a battalion of additional Democrat voters, welfare cases, and criminals.


Kidnapping victim Madai Cazares and suspect Jose Eduardo Reyes

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Anonymous said...

His macho honor was violated. The Mexican was OBLIGATED to behave as he did. Who are we to criticize this culture anyhow. Of course.