Monday, November 20, 2017

Following Charles Manson’s Death, Recalling Some of the Chaos He Wreaked

By Nicholas Stix

At Countenance.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Charles Manson has been white America's favorite bogey man. Interesting how somebody, who never actually killed anybody himself (that we know of for sure anyways, he is suspected of killing that black drug dealer but it has never been proven) can evoke such horror and terror in people. Just shows the power of the media, imprint monstrous (white - they are always white) man on our consciousness via the medium of news stories, movies and books and these (white) men become mythic monsters that haunt every moment of our lives. Also, Manson was "cult" leader which has a special place in the media's heart (unless they are black), and Manson ordered the killings of well to do people, so even if you have money and a nice home he may well have his acolytes sneak in and do you in. Sure Manson was a nutjob and he had his followers commit a couple of pretty gruesome murders but there are far worse and more monstrous killers out there that have never been granted the notoriety of Manson. One of my favorite forgotten ones is Marcus Wesson:
A "cult" leader, though he manipulated his own biological children from birth, not adults, so he was pretty pathetic as a true leader of a cult. Ultimately, after sexually abusing his own daughters from childhood, he murdered them, maybe so they'd be waiting for him when he got to the hereafter. He killed 9 daughters and their children but he did not harm his sons. What a guy. For my money, as bad as Manson was, Wesson was worse. The white media keeps black monsters like Marcus Wesson in the shadows but makes the like of Manson superstars.

Anonymous said...

Charles took the wallet from Lo Bianco and threw it away in Watts. Hoping a negro would find the wallet, use the credit cards and be blamed for the murders.

Charlie had a clever and devious way about him. Had protectors and supporters in prison too.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I have to amend something: Bernard Crowe, the black drug dealer widely believed to have been killed by Manson, didn't die when Manson shot him. He survived and even took the stand against Manson. I'd forgotten that detail because it is often misreported in stories about Manson. So, Manson didn't even actually kill the one person he was reputed to have killed. Doesn't mean he's never killed anyone, I wouldn't be surprised if he had committed murder himself, but did it on the sly, as Anonymous said: He was "clever and devious", very true, he was deranged and had outlandish ideas but wasn't stupid. He even had musical ability, sang and wrote his own music which wasn't bad, even good enough to draw attention from some famous music artists, however no record company would touch him, he was just too out there. And this is the music industry which had plenty of strange characters, but Manson creeped them out in a way that raised big red flags.

David In TN said...

Yes, Manson left the wallet in a restaurant restroom in what he thought was a black area (actually wasn't) hoping a black person would pick it up and be caught with it. As it turned out, nobody picked up the wallet as it was still there after Manson was arrested.

It's true Manson hoped the authorities would blame it on Black Panthers (PIG was written at the scene) but it didn't happen. Bugliosi's book and others reveal at no time were blacks suspected of being the perpetrators by law enforcement during the investigation.

My recollection is the black drug dealer Manson shot survived.

David In TN said...

REELZ Channel is running a new two-hour documentary on Charles Manson this week. It repeats at 8 pm ET, Friday night December 8, again at 11 pm. This one is different in that it criticizes Vincent Bugliosi's Helter Skelter theory.

I somewhat agree in that I don't believe Manson actually thought it would literally happen. Several followers did tell Bugliosi Manson preached it to his flock.

Several interviewees think Manson wasn't "legally" guilty even though he was "morally" guilty on the grounds of not being present at the killings. In other words, since Bugliosi "made up" Helter Skelter, Manson should have been acquitted.

Bobby Beausoleil is interviewed by telephone from prison, first time I've heard from him. His arrest for the murder of Gary Hinman started the chain of events. Beausoleil denounces Helter Skelter as phony, says he shouldn't have been convicted, and then admits to killing Gary Hinman!

And Manson himself was interviewed by phone (presumably recent) in which in Manson-talk he "denies" responsibility.

The program says Manson was just a petty criminal pre-1967 but overlooks his being a pimp, an occupation requiring the ability to control women. And his "Family" was far and away mostly female.

In all, the program debunks "Helter Skelter" while confirming the guilt of the gang. It also confirms what we have said before. The Manson story is done to death and other horrible crime stories need to be told.

Let's start with the Zebra Murders, shall we?