Monday, November 13, 2017

Tesla Inc.’s production floor is a "hotbed for racist behavior," more than 100 African-American employees claimed in a lawsuit in which they alleged black workers at the electric carmaker suffer severe and pervasive harassment

By Reader-Researcher RC

At Zero Hedge.

N.S. I'll bet the ranch that either they're lying, or the people "dropping Ns" are themselves black.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Agree 100% It happened to me. I was involved in a minor scuffle with a black player in a pickup game which resulted in him screaming racial slurs in my face, when management intervened they acted like I was to blame except until witnesses attested that he was the only one who had made racist comments. Later on I inquired to the same manager, who was a light skinned black woman, what had happened because of the "zero" tolerance policy to racial harassment. I was told that nothing had happened to him because he had done nothing wrong, she didn't consider what he said to be racist (he was using coded racial slurs, like saltine and milkshake) plus, she also informed me that she had also been called the n word by a gym member recently, but later on I discovered the only ones who had used the word to her were other blacks. They weren't gym members though, it was homeless who hung out in the lobby and employees cleared them out occasionally, which pissed them off. I spoke to a couple of white employees who also experienced that when they confronted black homeless in the hallway, they also used that as an excuse: It happens to us so no big deal. I complained to upper management and got stonewalled, nobody would deal with it. Finally, after beating my head against the black/white conspiratorial wall of silence I gave up.

That's the kind of reasoning and lies they feed you when blacks are racist. Blacks and whites practice it, the blacks out of racism and whites out of fear of being tagged as being racist.

Anonymous said...

They are always sufffering "severe and pervasive harrassment". Always. All of them.