Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why Do Mulattoes Identify as Black? (Occam’s Razor)

By Nicholas Stix

I agree strongly with part of the below item, and disagree strongly with another part.

The racial socialist/cultural Marxist/whatever racial fairy tale, according to which America was a hotbed of miscegenation is an attempt to create facts on the ground. The racial socialists seek to wipe out the white race. One method to that is through mass, non-white immigration, legal and illegal. Another method is to propagandize white girls with the Big Lie of historic miscegenation, until they all lie down and spread their legs for black men, and bear tens of millions of mulatto children, and no white children.

The part I disagree with regards black characteristics being “dominant” (hit the link to the full essay, which isn’t long). As far as I know, this notion was made up out of thin air by genocidal black ideologues like Neely Fuller and “psychiatrist” “Dr.” Frances Cress Welsing, within a Nazi-style, pseudo-biology, and spread largely via the pamphlets of “Dr.” Jawanza Kunjufu.

Why do mulattoes identify as black? For purely social reasons. Identifying as black brings one numerous privileges; unless one is from a rich, powerful family, identifying as white brings one nothing but burdens.

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Racial Admixture in USA and Why Mulattoes Identify as Black
By Alfred W. Clark
March 23, 2013
Occam’s Razor

According to some recent population genetics surveys, around 95% of white Americans (European Americans) have no black (Sub-Sahara African) ancestry. And the 5% of whites who do, seem to have only a trivial amount. Nonetheless, the average admixture of African Americans seems to be around 80% black and 20% European.

What does this mean?

First, the USA historically has not been a hotbed of miscegenation as Cultural Marxists like to tell us. Your eyes and common sense should tell you that if there were widespread miscegenation, there would be hardly any white Americans but rather large mestizo/mulatto-like populations such as one finds in many Latin American countries (and even there, small white upper classes still exist)….

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