Saturday, March 30, 2013

John Ziegler and Joe Paterno

By David in TN

[To N.S.:] Have you followed any of the John Ziegler-Joe Paterno-Jerry Sandusky contratemps?

Ziegler is a self-described conservative/libertarian who has been a long-time critic of the MSM, whom he accuses of unfairly maligning the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

The Sandusky child molestation case and trial, unlike what is covered at NSU/WEJB, got enormous attention, in large part by bringing Paterno's name into it.

Ziegler got the bright idea of interviewing Sandusky for his proposed film. He went on the Today show with excerpts. Ziegler seemed surprised that Sandusky didn't think he did anything wrong (admittedly chasing young boys around the shower room and rubbing soap on them).

Now if Ziegler wants to do a film about the MSM and their reaction (or lack of) to crime stories, wouldn't a film about the Knoxville Horror be a good idea? Would it even occur to him?

By the way, the CEO of Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation, one Jack Raykovitz, knew Sandusky had been accused at least twice of molestation but continued to send him out with young boys until 2008. Raykovitz is a trained child psychologist and a mandated reporter. The MSM is not interested in him, but they couldn't get enough of Sandusky being Paterno's long-time defensive coordinator.


Chicago guy said...

One thing to take away from this case is how many people out there prefer not to know unpleasant things and just turn a blind eye. There are a lot of enablers out there. Sandusky didn't just start doing those things when he was nearly a senior citizen but had probably engaged in it his entire adult life if not starting in his teens. By ingratiating himself and making himself valuable he got a pass for many years. There's a lot of people out there who over the years just let it go on instead of doing the right thing and blowing a whistle.

Anonymous said...

Chicago guy,

You're right. Sandusky sometimes showered with young boys in the locker room used by Penn State coaches. Other times, he would do the same in a locker room for men working out in the on-campus weight room.

Sandusky would take a boy with him on a Penn State football road trip and book a hotel room that had only one bed.

The McQueary incident in 2001 had a grad assistant tell Paterno and the AD, chief of Penn State police, and others that he saw Sandusky with a young boy in the team showers on a Friday late at night.

Paterno and the others thought it was harmless. Basically, everybody who knew Sandusky thought he was innocent, even when the grand jury began investigation began in 2009.

You would think several accusations and Sandusky's own admission of showering with boys would make these officials, some of whom were mandated reporters, take a hard look.

Several times, Raykovitz (Sandusky's nominal boss at the Second Mile) would tell him to stop showering with boys. Sandusky kept on doing so.

The Penn State AD told him to stop bringing boys on the campus. Sandusky continued to bring boys on the campus.

David IN TN