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Racist, Mobster, Detroit Mayor King Kwame Kilpatrick, Convicted on 22 of 30 Federal Charges, Including Racketeering and Extortion, Could Get 20 Years (Yeah, Right!)… but Still No Justice for Tamara Greene

Kwame Kilpatrick: The once and future king? The convict bedecked in proper jewelry, at a previous trial

The convict’s scowling wife, his partner in all things

Murdered stripper-prostitute, Tamara Greene

Bobby Ferguson, 2011: The bucks stop here?; Bobby Ferguson was also convicted in federal trial

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I understand that every corrupt politician is going to have cronies whom he favors with more graft over others, but the difference between Bobby Ferguson and everyone else is staggering. Kwame Kilpatrick gave some cronies thousands of dollars for a scheme, while giving Ferguson millions. Either Ferguson had something on Kilpatrick or, what is more likely, Ferguson was kicking back millions to Kilpatrick. However, this trial has still not established how the money flowed back from Ferguson to Kilpatrick.

But more importantly, Tamara Greene is still dead, and still has not gotten any justice.

Tamara Greene is the central figure in a world of incidents that officially “never happened”: She never performed for Kilpatrick at a secret party at the mayoral residence, Manoogian Mansion; she was not discovered by Kilpatrick’s wife, Karlita, who then did not proceed to beat Greene so badly with a blunt object that Greene had to get taken to a hospital emergency room; and the later murder of Greene was not covered up by a conspiracy within the Detroit Police Department. Except that everything did happen.

* * *
Ex-Mayor of Detroit Convicted in Corruption Case
By Mary M. Chapman and Steven Yaccino
March 11, 2013
New York Times

DETROIT — Kwame M. Kilpatrick, a former mayor of Detroit, was found guilty on Monday of a range of charges, including corruption and fraud, at the completion of a five-month trial. Jurors reached consensus on 40 of the 45 charges leveled against Mr. Kilpatrick and his co-defendants, the judge in the trial said.

The verdicts brought to a close a trial in which prosecutors laid out a complex case against Mr. Kilpatrick and his co-defendants — including his father, Bernard, and a city contractor, Bobby W. Ferguson — arguing that they had used the mayor’s office to enrich themselves for years through shakedowns, kickbacks and bid-rigging schemes.

The jury found Mr. Kilpatrick guilty of some 22 of the 30 charges against him, including the most serious charges, that of racketeering and extortion, which each have a maximum sentence of 20 years. The former mayor was also found guilty of mail fraud.

The remaining charges were returned with no decisions from a hung jury or as not guilty verdicts.

After the verdicts were read, Mr. Kilpatrick shook his head, muttered and looked at his lawyer.

Mr. Ferguson, who faced 11 counts, was found guilty of racketeering, bribery and extortion, with at least one not guilty verdict on an extortion charge.

The former mayor’s father was convicted on a charge of filing a false tax return.
Elected mayor of Detroit in 2001, the youngest person, at 31, to hold that position in the city’s history, Mr. Kilpatrick was seen by many as a future star of the Democratic Party, destined to lift Detroit out of economic hardship and then rise himself through the ranks of national politics.

But his tenure as mayor was plagued by scandal, his career cut short. He was soon fighting rumors about partying, questions about the use of city money to lease a luxury vehicle for his wife, and claims that he fired police officers for investigating his sizeable staff of bodyguards.

In 2008, Mr. Kilpatrick resigned after text messages were unearthed by The Detroit Free Press that exposed an affair with his chief of staff. The romantic revelation led him to plead guilty to obstruction of justice charges for lying about the relationship under oath in an unrelated lawsuit against the city.

But the corruption charges against Mr. Kilpatrick, filed in 2010, had been by far the most serious of his troubles. Prosecutors accused him and his close associates — a group referred to in the indictment as the Kilpatrick Enterprise — of extortion and illegally steering municipal contracts to Mr. Ferguson worth $84 million.

In two-hour closing statements last month, after a trial that featured about 80 witnesses for the prosecution, R. Michael Bullotta, an assistant United States attorney, said the Kilpatrick administration’s enrichment formula was simple: “No deal without me.”

“That was their mantra, those were their words,” Mr. Bullotta said. “They had to get a piece.”

Federal prosecutors also contend that Mr. Kilpatrick spent donations that were intended for his charity, the Kilpatrick Civic Fund, on golf equipment, summer camp for his children, yoga lessons for himself and other personal expenses.

Defense lawyers claimed that there was no proof Mr. Kilpatrick did anything wrong, saying the prosecution’s case was built on weak circumstantial evidence and a raft of lying witnesses.

“We came here into this courtroom with a lot of baggage,” said James Thomas, Mr. Kilpatrick’s lawyer, who argued that his client had been unfairly “demonized by the media.”

Mr. Kilpatrick, whose wife and three children live in the Dallas area, could face up to 20 years in prison.

Christine Hauser contributed reporting from New York.

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PDK said...

That guy looks like it took a lot of welfare food money to grow him that large.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the felonious douche bag chose to escape to obscenely affluent, lily white Southlake, Texas.

KC Marks said...

I came closer to solving her murder in my book that the DPD did in ten years!

KC Marks