Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Take a Rule 5 Draft Break!



[Thanks to Theo Spark.]


Celebrate Homogeneity said...

I'm not sure where to report this to you, Nich, but, the videos you've been starting automatically. This has been on 2 different operating systems, three different machines, and three browsers.

Nicholas said...

Dear Celebrate Homogeneity,

I know; it’s driving me crazy, too.

At some items, I advise readers to shut off the sound immediately. As a longtime reader (John Robert Mallernee?) helpfully pointed out, some video embeds have a code you can change to shut off the auto-engage. However, most don’t.

I don’t know what else to tell you. I’m sorry, but I need those videos, and except for ABC News (caltura.com) vids, which I refuse to use, I never know in advance which will cause grief. (The ABC News videos actually wreck my pc.)

Glaivester said...

Nick - perhaps you can put the videos under a "read more" break so that they show up for the article but not on the front page?

Nicholas said...

Dear Glaivester,

Now, there's a thought! I'll try it.


Mr. Rational said...

the videos you've been starting automatically.

One word:  Flashblock.