Monday, March 11, 2013

Deanne Ostbye, Eriese Tisdale, and Mitt Romney: Political Bedfellows? (My New VDARE Column is Up!)


Serbian tourist Aleksandra Cvetkovic at the moment of her March 1 assault by Hispanic “social conservative” Deanne Ostbye


Murder victim, St. Lucie County Sheriff's Deputy Sgt. Gary Morales

Mug shot of confessed cop-killer Eriese Alphonso Tisdale

By Nicholas Stix

Following the GOP’s second consecutive Presidential catastrophe, all of its Finest Minds dusted off their old amnestisiac talking points: Obviously, the Party’s salvation lies in another mass amnesty of maybe 24 million illegal alien invaders [PDF] (of course, they radically lowball the count), plus several million illegal anchor babies, plus (though they somehow forgot to mention this) as many as 120 million “relatives,” real and fraudulent, through family reunification and chain migration.

Mitt Romney recently went beyond that talking point. Notwithstanding’s repeated proof of the contrary, he said his electoral defeat was due to his weak showing with the minority vote:

We weren't effective in my message primarily to minority voters, to Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, other minorities. That was a real mistake. [“Romney relays disappointment over loss, admits mistakes, in first sitdown since 2012 election,”, March 3, 2013.]
GOP pundits (Michael Barone, Charles Krauthammer, et cetera ) have long argued that immigrants/Hispanics have Republican values.

These GOP values apparently include:

1. Low average IQs;
2. Astronomical crime rates…

[“Deanne Ostbye and Eriese Tisdale: Two of the Minority Voters Mitt Romney Regrets Not Appealing to” (Read the whole thing here!)]


Anonymous said...

Well, as time goes on the younger traitors who aren't already standing on the threshold of the exit door like McCain and his ilk aren't going to be finding safe haven for themselves or their families in what's left of America.

What is going on isn't just ignorance, stupidity, greed, or hubris, it is being done with cold hard calculation; a premeditated murder of a country, their entire way of life, and especially of her people.

There will be a backlash, there is already quite a growing backlash but it is going to get a lot worse before it will get any better.

It still amazes me that an entire network of sociopaths has been able to pull this off. Usually narcissistic sociopaths don't work as a team, and certainly not for so long as they have to bring us to this point. Their unity and team effort has been able to shut sanity and reason down on all fronts for decades.

I am not a religious or superstitious person at all but it sure seems like the glue that has bound these self serving maniacs together is Satan himself.

Glenn said...

Great article! Please keep up the very, very good work! Thank you very much!

jeigheff said...

Hi Anonymous,

I think you hit the nail on the head.