Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Need an Amnesty…of the White Working Class! (My New VDARE Column is Up!)

By Nicholas Stix

When Does the White Working Class Get Amnestied?

Late Friday afternoon, there were reports that the Gang of Eight’s secret plotting to work out the details of the bipartisan 2013 Obama/Rubio Amnesty/Immigration surge is stalled—because labor unions are balking at a business lobbyist/ Republican attempt to add a massive low-skilled guest worker program below prevailing wages.

But regardless of this theater, here’s my personal testimony that the white working class in America is in trouble—which this proposed amnesty and increased workplace competition can only exacerbate.

Four weeks ago, I saw a local contractor doing recovery work in my neighborhood in New York’s Rockaways. An old, bald Irishman, he was running a bulldozer or similar rig…

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Anonymous said...

It is excellent. Keep good work.
We can learn so much from your work over here in central Europe, but my fellow country man are deaf.

1389 said...

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Apparently, you can't tell the truth about the ongoing war against European-Americans