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White Victim of Racist Rape-Murder, Nicola Furlong, Died from Strangulation, Not Alcohol or Drugs


War crime victim Nicola Furlong

War crime victim Nicola Furlong, her mom Angela, and younger sister Andrea at a party in a saloon

War crime defendant Richard Hinds

Nicola Furlong's parents, Andrew and Angela, and younger sister Andrea at the court building

Nicola Furlong died from strangulation, not alcohol or drugs, doctor tells Tokyo court
By Ida Torres
March 6, 2013
Japan Daily Press
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The doctor who performed the autopsy on 21 year old Nicola Furlong confirmed to the court that the Irish foreign exchange student died from strangulation. He also rejected suggestions by the defense that alcohol or drugs contributed to her death.

The testimony was given on the 2nd day of the trial of 20 year old American Richard Hinds, who is accused of killing Furlong. Her body was discovered at the Keio Plaza hotel in Shinjuku on May 24, 2011. The doctor who attempted to revive Nicola also testified at the trial and explained that lidocaine was found in her system because the breathing device inserted in her throat was coated with it. The injection sites on her body came from the adrenaline that was used to attempt to revive her and the hospital trying to draw blood samples. Traces of Xanax were in her bloodstream because her doctor in Ireland prescribed this for her anxiety.

Hinds has denied that he was responsible for her death, and the defense is trying to prove that alcohol and drugs played a part in her death.

[This defense is moot, since it would have been the killers who spiked her drinks with the rape drugs, which would simply change the murder m.o., but not the crime or the culpability. They’re trying to the drug in question was prescription Xanax, but that racial fairy tale isn’t fooling anyone.]

War crime defendant Richard Hinds, 19

Ms. Furlong’s parents, Andrew and Angela, as well as her younger sister Andrea, were present at the court for the first two days of the trial. Angela says that she finds a certain kind of relief by looking directly at Hinds, who admits to sleeping with Nicola and “lightly pressing” her neck during sex. The family is satisfied with the way that the trial is proceeding.

Second war crime defendant, dancer James Blackstone, aka James “King Tight” Jamari Blackstone, aka James Blackston, reported variously as 21 and 23

War crime victim Nicola Furlong, with boyfriend Danny Furlong (apparently, no relation)

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