Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kimani Gray: New Embellishments, New Anti-Police Hyperbole, Gray Family Lawsuit Coming (My New VDARE Column is Up!)


The late gangbanger and aspiring cop-killer, Kimani Gray, at app. 10 years of age

A picture of a more mature Gray

[New VDARE column: “Trayvon Martin was Barack Obama’s Son, and Kiki Gray was Jumaane Williams’ Son, but Why Will No Politician Adopt Bailey O’Neill?”]

By Nicholas Stix

While urban terrorists posted “Wanted” posters seeking to get the two cops who righteously shot Kimani alias Kiki alias Shapow Gray to death killed, the leftwing MSM spent all day Monday re-fueling the hate campaign against the NYPD.

“Gang subset 50z” calls for murdering hero cops. The only thing missing is a Nation of Islam/New Black Panther Party bounty on their heads.

The leftwing MSM are trumpeting new embellishments on previous claims by “eyewitness” Tishana King, 39, who claimed she saw everything from her third-floor window across the street and “two driveways down from her building” from the 11:30 p.m., March 9 incident. (In other words, she couldn’t have had the direct view she claims to have had, but a view on an angle, at best.) King previously asserted that Gray had no gun. Now, in her umpteenth iteration to the media, she suddenly “remembers” that the police continued to shoot Gray after he had collapsed on the ground.

King could not confirm what direction Gray was facing at the time he was shot. "I'm not the shooter. I wouldn't be able to tell you. If I had the gun and I was shooting at him I'd be able to answer that question," she said. King said the officers "looked white, from what I was seeing." [White enough, eh. “White Egyptian”?] News reports have indicated, however, that Sgt. Mourad is Egyptian. [The writer forgets to mention that the other officer, Jovaniel Cordova, is Hispanic.]
After the gunfire subsided, King claims the officer who "did the most shooting" put his hands on his head "like, 'Oh my God.'" She describes him as "the main shooter."

[Even if Sgt. Mourad had put his hands on his head, that’s not an admission of guilt of a crime, but a normal human response to killing someone, even if justified. Tishana King is relating everything in the most nefarious light possible.]

"That's the one I was focused on," she explained. "He just kept shooting while [Gray] was on the ground." When asked how close the officer was when he was shooting Gray, King said, "right over him."

"I thought he was dead," King said. That's when Gray began to scream. "'Help me. Help me. My stomach is burning. Help me. They shot me,'" she said the teen cried out. Friends have said Gray was approximately 5'6" and weighed at most about 100 pounds. [No way, he could have been that tall and weighed so little, unless he was starving. Scrawny girls that age and height still weigh at least 120 pounds.] King described him as "frail" and said she was surprised he was not killed instantly. "I didn't think anybody could take those amount of bullets," she added.

"I just remember screaming out the window 'Why?! Why so much?!" King recalled. She claims the "main shooter"'s partner--"with the short haircut"--responded.

[Here, she is further embellishing, repeating the talking point that Gray’s mother made several days later, with Councilman Charles Barron, that the cops should not have fired more than one round.]

"He started waving his gun up at our windows, myself and my neighbor. 'Get your F-ing head out the window before I shoot you.'" King said she and her neighbor "jumped back."

"I told the authorities that," she said. "You threatened our lives and we didn't even do anything."

King says a number of questions continue to bother her. "Why did they exit their vehicles? Why were they in our neighborhood? Why were they on our block? What was the reason? Why didn't you follow protocol?"

[What racial fairy tale “protocol” is she implying? This is the exact same talking point that racist blacks imposed on George Zimmerman, now applied to the police. Are the police now obligated to wait in their car, until the official local street gang shows up? Did King come up with this herself, or did she have help? And if she had help, who helped her? Black supremacist city councilman Charles Barron? The family’s lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery?
Village Voice blogger Ryan Devereaux?]

"The scene just keeps replaying in my head," she told the
Voice, "over and over and over and over and over again."

[“Eyewitness: Police Shot Kimani Gray While the 16-Year-Old was on the Ground,” by Ryan Devereaux, Village Voice, Monday, March 18, 2013 at 11:44 a.m.]

The ending of a New Yorker blog today reveals that for the leftwing media and their racist black allies, Kimani Gray’s value, beyond the usual, generations-long purposes of disarming the police and shaking down the ever-dwindling white and Asian tax base for millions of dollars, is to force an end to the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policies. The leftwing MSM always note that 85 percent of those targeted are black or Hispanic, without noting that over 90 percent of the felonious shootings in New York City are by blacks.

Whether or not Gray held a gun was a secondary issue for some. Kamar Johnson, a thirty-year-old from Crown Heights, told me Gray was his cousin. Johnson and his family had shown up every night that week [for the riots and demonstrations], but even they were unsure whether or not Gray had a gun on him. “He was just a kid,” Johnson said. “He was crying out for his mother.” Khorey Rice, an eighteen-year-old from East New York, headed to Medgar Evers College next year to study psychology, estimated that he’s been stopped and frisked fifteen times in his life “The majority of [the police involved] were in plainclothes,” he said. He recalled one time getting patted down by an officer who merrily crowed a local gang call. “The gun is beside the point,” Rice said. “The thing that has to come out of this is ending stop-and-frisk. Without stop-and-frisk, Kimani Gray never would have been killed.”

[“Protect and Serve: the Aftermatchof the Kimani Gray Shooting,” by Rob Fischer, The New Yorker, March 18, 2013 (circa 7 p.m.).]

It's ghetto lottery time! Carol Gray, mother of at least two gangbangers and a 19-year-old daughter who got herself arrested for rioting last week, with black supremacist city councilman Charles Barron, who is helping her attempt to extort millions of dollars out of the city's white and Asian tax base.

Meanwhile, the Gray family attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, has set the wheels in motion for a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

[“Officers in Kimani Gray Shooting Part of Growing Trend,” by Stephen Nessen, WNYC News, Monday, March 18, 2013.]


Anonymous said...

Nothing will change in the streets until Black criminal dominance is ended through massive concealed carry of handguns. Let's face it, NY needs Vermont/Alaska/Arizona CCW laws i.e. as God intended; no stinking police permits used to harass people whom the government wants unarmed.

How can this be accomplished? Don't know. But the answer must rely on rearming the massively urbanized white/Asian populations. The New York Times has thoughtfully provided this front page article from Dec. 18, 2012: "Party Identity in a Gun Cabinet" ( http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/18/in-gun-ownership-statistics-partisan-divide-is-sharp/ ).
Large numbers of individuals walk around with their smart phones melted onto their hands. Private smallarms I assert will change the body politic. We need to have some smart people design a program that will capture, I believe, the millions of potential gun owners that have been culturally abused by the MSM into being dissuaded from obtaining firearms. Yes, we need to start planting the idea that private arms ownership is not only good enough for the Ruling Class, it's good enough for ordinary Joe Citizen. Something that will drive the the outliers to buy a gun. The MSM fills their television entertainment programs with the most effusive gun control propaganda: note how EVERY network makes sure that EVERY civilian owned gun is REGISTERED and has a POLICE PERMIT and that the owner has a FOID card! The MSM knows what they are doing, gun owners also need to get on the bandwagon of subtle persuasion as well.

Chicago guy said...

There always seem to be people in the background who use these events as a vehicle for creating unrest and try to spark race riots. I wonder who creates and sticks up these posters? We always see out of date photos showing the perps in a sympathetic pose, just like in the Zimmerman case. Black witnesses are usually somewhere between worthless and total fabricators, judging from experience.
I guess we can expect more riots, more looting, more violence, more flash mobs this summer. Something to look forward to.