Monday, March 25, 2013

These are Not Your Father’s Fags

Gay hero, Ernst Röhm

By Nicholas Stix

George W. Bush and his speechwriters got it all wrong. Since the Berlin Wall fell and the “Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union and East Bloc with it, the real axis of evil facing America has been racial socialism.

In racial socialist culture, the various allies—who, as I first wrote in my magazine, A Different Drummer, in 1990, hate each other to death. However, as that culture has become ever more decadent and totalitarian, it has since become routine for each branch of the alliance to develop propaganda that is ever further removed from reality, and ever more vituperative, in its hatred of The Other, the white, heterosexual male. (Actually, feminism was already well on its way prior to the fall of The Wall.)

At this point, the leaders, when it comes to insane propaganda supporting insane, evil action, are clearly the queers. They have invented a non-existent state of existence that they call transgenderism, and keep adding more terms for non-existent states of existence, such that even members of their movements are not always sure what every letter of their acronym du jour means. The blogmeister at Countenance Blog mocks them by currently referring to them as “LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.”

My editor at VDARE, Peter Brimelow, recently mentioned their exertions in support of mass amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

And of course, militant homosexualists have agitated for some 20 years, for the government to permit not merely openly homosexual aliens, i.e., open threats not only to public morality but public health, but those who are HIV+, to immigrate here.

Homosexuals have done more to destroy our public health system than anyone else, save for illegal aliens, but now we can celebrate the super-calamity of openly gay aliens bringing AIDS to your neighborhood!

With that said, Kathy Shaidle, of Five Feet of Fury and Taki’s Mag, somehow manages to be humorous about stuff that I can’t even summarize.

But there’s one thing that I can summarize: These titans of tolerance—forget it, and we’ll destroy you!—want everyone who has ever criticized homosexual “rights,” and homosexual “marriage,” above all, to be banned from ever working again.

And another: Men who have had their pee-pees chopped off are mad as hell at anyone who is less than chivalrous toward them, e.g., who refuses to accept them as girls, and they aren’t taking it anymore!


countenance said...

The holy grail of that "community" is an acronym that involves every letter of the alphabet.

Of course we know that it's becoming a catch-all for anyone who is not a pair-bonding heterosexual. Just as the proponents of affirmative action love it when every new "protected class" eligible for AA is minted -- Even though you think they would be upset that this divides up the pie into ever smaller pieces, the reason why every existing AA beneficiary class loves it when a new one is added is that it makes the universe of AA beneficiaries larger and more politically powerful.

Likewise, the more "letters" you add to the "acronym," the bigger the tent gets for the "alternate orientation" community and therefore the more politically powerful they get, thereby benefiting everyone of every "letter," even though there is a lot of internecine squabbling among the "letters."

As of now, the official acronym is LGBTQMIAPD.

Lesbian, Gay (Male), Bisexual, Transsexual/Transgender, Questioning, (I don't know what "M" stands for, except I know it does not mean Metrosexual), Intersexual, Asexual, Pansexual, Demisexual. Wikipedia will provide you the answer on what some of these "acts" involve in case you didn't know, and damned if I did before they started adding all these damned letters.

I suspect the next letters will be something related to bestiality and pederasty.

As it is, I add "LOL" and "PLPLTH" at the end of the official acronym.

Anonymous said...

Most people may say differently when put on the spot, or on the record, but most know full well that homosexuality and the lifestyle associated with it is abhorrent.

The Homos and their allies in the media can spin it however they want but the simple mechanics of basic homosexual intercourse is disgusting enough to most people, and worse yet where it goes from there.

If they are so proud of their lifestyles, let's talk about the whole ugly mess. They fear that more than AIDS itself because if people knew the depths of their depravity they would be publicly lynched--not "celebrated".