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Bankrupt America: The President Punishes His Subjects, Including Schoolkids (Cambrian Dissenters)

Cambrian Dissenters

Enlightened working people who dissent from the political orthodoxy of the developed world. We reject the idea that socialism is the answer to the problems blighting the people of the world. Years of working in different parts of the world has shown us that corrupt politicians everywhere are seeking power by any means possible. They are deliberately eroding individual liberty and encouraging government dependency in order to maintain their grip on power.

Bankrupt America: The President Punishes His Subjects, Including Schoolkids
By Daniel Thomas
Monday, March 11, 2013

Bankrupt America - The President Punishes His Subjects, Including Schoolkids
One cannot help but laugh at the antics of America's 'Progressive' in Chief and his gang of Chicago gangsters as they try to portray a 2.4% cut in a $3.8 trillion budget as a cataclysm of biblical proportions.

This is a classic example of the socialist mentality; they believe that the wealth of the nation belongs to them to spend on expanding entitlements, which in turn is designed to create more dependency and guarantee another term in office.

Watching the so called leader of the Free World throwing a tantrum so big that it eclipsed the debt he has created, coupled with threats to punish his disobedient subjects, made for compulsive viewing.

The king across the water, President Barack Hussein Obama seems to think that his subjects must believe every word he says and that every utterance must be treated seriously no matter how infantile or banal.

Unfortunately for the President, after the torrent of lies spewed forth by his cronies and media whores during his election campaign, and especially the lies over the recent Benghazi murder scandal, the American people have wizened up and subsequently treat every word he says with an entire Siberian salt mine.

To put the spending issue into some kind of perspective, the United States is as broke as Great Britain, Greece, Ireland and Bangladesh. It has a $16 trillion national debt which is travelling ever upwards due to deficit spending to the tune of +$1.1 trillion per year.

These socialist economic geniuses are borrowing approximately 40 cents of dollar they spend, some of it from countries who wish the American people harm.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the President and his apologists are still trying to convince the people that if only the 'rich' would pay their fair share then the budget deficit and debt problems will be cured.

Ever increasing numbers of the American people are not convinced. All the serious economists, including the non partisan Congressional Budget Office, have stated that if the 'rich' were taxed at 100% it would only pay for 3 months of government spending.

To keep pushing the line that the 'rich' are the cause of America's debt problem displays a fanatical adherence to an ideology comparable with the Heavens Gate suicide cult or the Reverend Jim Jones's kool aid drinking Peoples Temple.

The mindset that this perverted ideology breeds renders the socialist incapable of contemplating spending cuts. Even where examples of waste are pointed out, they still will not concede.

Allowing the people to keep more of their money and giving the government less is a retrograde step in their simple minds. Cutting government spending is heresy.

To give an example of the debauched mind of a socialist ideologue, the House Minority Leader, former Speaker and Obama lapdog, Nancy Pelosi, put it in simple terms.

"But spending is also related to tax cuts- tax cuts are spending".

So there you have it, the genius of socialist economic logic, if you want to decrease spending, don't let the people keep more of their own money.

As one pundit framed it, all the money you earn belongs to Pelosi on behalf the states She will spend it in ways that ensure equality and fairness and give you what's left as an allowance.

Just for the record it must be said that outside of her constituency in California, Pelosi is regarded as a nutcase and a dangerous nutcase at that.

As was stated earlier, the American people in ever greater numbers, are starting to think for themselves and are refusing to swallow the Obama spin machine propaganda. They are looking at the debt situation in Greece and Ireland and they have spotted the danger.

The informed American people demand the government stop the out of control spending and take action to deal with the crippling debt.

The much talked about sequestration is the result of an Obama political manoeuvre that went wrong. This locked the President into $84 billion of spending cuts which, as anyone can see, is a drop in the bucket in a $3.8 trillion budget. Just a rounding error as one economist put it.

According to the 'Progressive in Chief' and his ideological comrades, this is rank disobedience, tantamount to heresy and deserving of punishment. So after stamping his feet in a hissy fit of pique, comrade Obama ordered his operatives in government to first threaten his subjects and then make sure that any cuts would hurt the people directly.

The threats were unbelievably petty and banal which resulted in the informed people of America laughing in his face. It also allowed the rest of the world to get a brief insight into the infantile mind of an ideologically driven socialist who cannot accept being contradicted.

So in a budget of $3.8 trillion the sequester requires $84 billion of cuts. Both the House and Senate agree that there is circa $500 billion of waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security and other overlapping government programmes.

They also agree that there are government programmes that are duplicated or ineffective. In other words, there is plenty of room for more than $84 billion of cuts which would have no effect whatsoever, except among the beneficiaries of the aforementioned waste, fraud and abuse.

The people can take that to mean the crooked politicians themselves and their donors.

To punish the people for their temerity in demanding the government stop wasting their money, the
'Punisher in Chief' wants to leave the corruption and inefficiency untouched but to cut instead:

First responders such as firemen and paramedics.

Meat inspectors.

Border security which will allow in more illegal immigrants.

Airport security to ensure long queues at airports.

Air traffic controllers to make sure flights are delayed.

The military will be cut and an aircraft carrier will be recalled from the Gulf.

Prison staff, resulting in the release of 30,000 criminals, including illegal immigrant criminals. He also wants to keep it a secret from local law enforcement which prisoners are being released and where.

Park Rangers so that National Parks will be closed to visitors.

The janitors responsible for cleaning and maintaining the Houses of Congress. This is to punish the Congressmen for having the audacity of hope that he will cut spending.

With the adults duly punished the 'Punisher in Chief' doesn't stop there. Children must be taught the lesson too, that he who must be obeyed must not be challenged....ever.

Teachers are to be sacked therefore their education is affected.

Vaccination programmes for children will be curtailed, increasing their chances of illness.

Service providers will have to choose between the poor child and the disabled child when allocating resources.

Sure Start and Head Start programmes will be curtailed and places lost. This will disproportionally affect the most vulnerable children.

The most shocking of all, and the one that has pushed most people over the edge, is the Presidents order to cancel tours of the White House for school children. Apparently these tours are highly prized and a life time experience for school children.

This action against children is especially despicable as the cost of one of the Presidents golfing weekends would cover the cost of a whole years worth of tours.

Shame on you Mr President. Taking out your temper tantrum on children is unbecoming and demeaning to the Office of President of the United States.

This programme of cuts has to be the most infantile, petulant response to a call for fiscal responsibility from any politician, but from the leader of the Free World it is simply appalling.

What is obvious is that it is not an attempt at addressing the countries deficit and debt problem but an act of punishment on the American people for daring to insist their President puts the well being of the country before his perverted socialist ideology.

Watching this banal behavior of their President, the American people are slowly beginning to realise the mistake they made during the last election but, unlucky for them, they can't turn the clock back.

Elections have consequences, and in this case extremely bad ones. Hopefully, at next election cycle, our American cousins will have learned their lesson and they will ignore the media whores, think for themselves and put their country before all the 'free stuff' which somebody else has to pay for.

Posted by Daniel Thomas at 11:37 AM

[N.S.: My response follows.]

“President Obama accumulated more debt in 4 years than all previous Presidents combined.

“The people were aware of this when they re-elected him for a second term. Therefore they approve of this debt which he accumulated in their name and on their behalf.”

Your essay is good, but there are some points with which I disagree.

First of all, your above point. A Republican who had actually contested the election by championing the interests of Middle Americans (white patriots) would have easily beaten the most corrupt, racist president in our history. Romney, like McCain in 2008, instead did the opposite. He reached out to blacks, calling the so-called test gap the “civil rights issue of our time,” while ignoring whites. Instead of calling for an immigration moratorium and for deporting illegal alien invaders, he promised the latter an amnesty and citizenship. Instead of stopping non-immigrant visas (e.g., H-1B), the abuse of which by big business has caused over one million U.S. tech workers to either lose their jobs, or never be able to find jobs in their fields, and to have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars each on their educations, Romney called for stapling a green card (permanent lawful immigrant status) to every science or tech college degree earned by a foreigner. Romney (and the GOP leadership) either did nothing to oppose, or supported gay marriage and the queering of the military by Obama. The GOP has also steadfastly supported racist affirmative action since the late 1960s under Richard Nixon.

Since even before the time of George W. Bush (2000-2008), the GOP has had the attitude that whites have no choice but to vote Republican. Millions of white conservatives and patriots responded in 2008 and 2012 by not voting for president. The Party responded by ignoring the facts, calling for a mass amnesty of illegal aliens, and for more of the same electoral outreach to blacks and Hispanics that those groups have rejected time and again, and which alienated the party’s white base, resulting in two consecutive national electoral catastrophes. Whites had to stop voting for a party that made an art of betraying them. I now call the Republican Party the party of the living dead.

The other matter on which we disagree is Head Start (Sure Start is a British program). Since Head Start has time and again been shown to have a zero or even negative effect on children’s cognitive development, shutting it down would not harm any children, except for those whose mothers had make-work jobs in the program.

Finally, Obama is not wasting money by the trillions because he is a socialist, but because he is a racial socialist (he is a longtime adherent of genocidally racist Black Liberation Theology), and is deliberately pauperizing whites.

[P.S.: He never intended to cut a dime of spending.]

Daniel Thomas’ response to me, and my further response follow.

1. Daniel Thomas March 15, 2013 at 8:16 AM

Thanks for your comment which I enjoyed reading. I have to say that there's not much that you have written with which I could disagree.

I tried to limit my post to the current sequestration and the Presidents response to it rather than widen it to include past Republican mistakes but you have made the valid point that they are inextricably linked.

What I find interesting, and its been a recurring theme of mine here, is that the Republican Party and the British Conservative Party are clones of each other.

They have both rejected their traditional policies of individual liberty, free enterprise with limited government, and replaced them with state mandated equality and fairness via redistribution of wealth, multi-culturalism via high immigration and expanded government interference into all aspects of our business and personal lives.

They have both alienated their traditional voters by ignoring their wishes in order to implement their own 'progressive' transformational agenda.

This means that they are deconstructing western civilisation and engineering a multi-cultural, gender neutral, egalitarian society for everyone except themselves. They will remain a priviliged elite who are remote from the cesspit they have created.

You are correct about their racial politics. These so called 'progresives' blame the white Anglosphere for all the perceived ills of the world, from imperialism to capitalism.

After consolidating power, they will demand retribution and reparations and at that point its good night Vienna, we're all toast.

I stand corrected over Head Start/Sure Start, I couldn't remember which one was which, so I included them both.

I realise that both programmes do not work but my point was that the President used HS as an example of inhumane cuts affecting vulnerable children.



2. Nicholas March 16, 2013 at 1:13 AM

“What I find interesting, and its been a recurring theme of mine here, is that the Republican Party and the British Conservative Party are clones of each other.”

Thank you for your lengthy response. Until recently, I was fooled into believing that the Republican Party was better than the British Conservative Party. You’re right, of course. After the Republicans’ sycophantically pc November response to their second consecutive national electoral catastrophe, no honest person could take them seriously any longer as a “conservative” party.

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