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The Overdocumented, Intended Beneficiaries of Obama’s Planned, Unconstitutional Amnesty are Unidentifiable Mysteries, Like the Guy Found Dead in a Ditch, in Carrollton, Texas; He Had So Many Fake Identities, We May Never Know Who He Really was

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Roberto Domingo Arancibia is dead. Or was that “Sarae,” another of his identities? Oh, and he “may have been known by other names in the past.” And although “Police have been unable to locate any relatives or friends of the victim,” you can bet that had he lived, he would have been able to produce a zillion people claiming to be his “relatives and friends,” each as mysterious as him, when the time came for him to get his fraudulent U.S. citizenship.

We have tens of millions of alien criminals just like this guy within our borders, and hundreds of millions more on their way, who haven’t even started inventing aliases yet, some of whom haven’t even been born yet.

The unidentifiable, criminal invader stiff in this story is just one example of why there is such as a thing as an illegal human being. And remember: Everyone who supports another mass illegal alien amnesty is supporting criminals, just like this stiff. These are not “good people,” who are “just looking for a better life.” They are criminals looking to steal your nation, your assets, your job, your liberty and your life.

Carrollton, Texas straddles three counties: Collin, Dallas, and Denton.

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CARROLLTON — Carrollton police have identified the man whose body was found in a drainage ditch in the 1800 block of North I-35E Monday afternoon.

They also are searching for a particular vehicle believed used in the hit-and-run incident, but are continuing a search for the victim’s family.

Officer Jon Stovall of the Carrollton Police Department said the victim has been identified as Roberto Domingo Arancibia, 42, of Nicaragua.

The victim has the name “Sarae” tattooed on his upper back, and may have been known by other names in the past. Police have been unable to locate any relatives or friends of the victim.

Police believe the suspect vehicle is a silver or gray 2006 Honda Civic that will have damage to its front right side.

Stovall said a passerby found the body about 2:48 p.m. Monday.

The body was taken to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office and the investigation is ongoing, Stovall said.

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Carrollton police seeks help on weekend hit-and-run
By Megan Gray
16 March 2013 06:58 a.m.
The Denton Record-Chronicle
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Carrollton police are seeking information in connection with the recent hit-and-run death of a pedestrian.

Officer Jon Stovall, department spokesman, said someone walking along the service road in the 1800 block of Interstate 35 North found a man’s body Monday and alerted police.

Officials say the victim was apparently struck and killed sometime between Sunday and Monday.

The victim is believed to be 42-year-old Roberto Domingo Arancibia of Nicaragua, police said.

The victim has the name “Sarae” tattooed on his upper back and may have been known by other names in the past, according to police.

Stovall said police believe that debris found at the scene may have come from the vehicle that struck the victim and will provide clues for officers.

The suspect vehicle is believed to be a silver or gray 2006 Honda Civic and will have damage to the front right side, according to a news release issued by the department.

“We are just hoping that someone might notice damage to their neighbor’s vehicle or an alert body shop will be aware if the vehicle is brought in for repair,” Stovall said.

The police have been unable to locate any relatives or friends of the victim.

Police ask anyone with information as to the identity of the suspect or suspect vehicle, as well as contact information for the victim, to contact Detective B. Turner at 972-466-3307.

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