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Washington Post, AP, Cops, Cover Up Grand Theft Auto of SUV by 8 Raceless Teenagers, 6 of Whom Drown When Their Driver Recklessly Speeds, Re-Writing It into a Tragic, Accidental Mass Death

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First, lying about black-homosexual-on-black-homosexual murder, and now about GTA. I guess that’s the giveaway that the felons were black.

The driver who killed herself and five or her accomplices, was 19-year-old Alexis Cayson, the only female participating in the crime.

The buddy who sent this wrote,
Look at the third and fourth paragraphs. The police won’t use the word ‘stolen’ vehicle. It looks like black teens stole a SUV and then drove it away recklessly, with six of them getting killed. Good riddance!
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Authorities say 2 survivors broke window, swam out of SUV in Ohio crash that killed 6 teens

(Scott R. Galvin/ Associated Press ) - Beduareo Marquez climbs up the pond embankment where he retrieved a shoe from the crash site that six teens died on Park Ave. in Warren, Ohio on Sunday, March 10, 2013.

By Associated Press
March 11, 2013 3:17 p.m. EDT [That time can’t be right; it’s hours away yet!]

WARREN, Ohio — Two teens who escaped a crash that killed six friends in a swampy pond wriggled out of the wreckage by smashing a rear window and swimming away from the SUV, a state trooper said Monday.

The inside of the sport utility vehicle was entirely under water within minutes of the crash, said State Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Holt.

Investigators don’t yet know why the eight were in the speeding vehicle without permission when it smashed into a guardrail and flipped over into the pond Sunday morning around daybreak, Holt said.

[N.S.: Of course, they know. The kids stole it!]

No one in the group had asked to take the vehicle and its owner was not related to any of the teens, Holt said. The vehicle was licensed to a resident of Youngstown, about 20 miles away.

“That’s all we know right now,” he said.

The two teens who escaped have talked with investigators, Holt said. The two boys ran a quarter-mile to a home to call 911, the highway patrol said.

Investigators were focused on speed as a key factor in the crash and said weather did not play a role.

While citing an unspecified “high rate” of speed, investigators wouldn’t speculate on whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash on a two-lane road snugged between guardrails in an industrial section of the city.

“I can’t believe you’re gone,” Mariah Bryant, 12, wrote in a message taped to a stuffed bear at the scene in memory of her half-brother, Daylan Ray, 15, who was killed.

“I love and miss you so much,” said the message, which drew a steady stream of onlookers. The bear was part of a growing memorial of stuffed animals at the roadside.

Deanna Behner said her 15-year-old son and the other teenagers were close friends who lived in the same neighborhood on the east side of Warren, Youngstown TV stations WKBN and WYTV reported. Behner told the stations that authorities unsuccessfully tried for hours to save her son, Kirklan Behner.

The Honda Passport veered off the left side of a road and overturned about 60 miles east of Cleveland, State Highway Patrol Lt. Anne Ralston said. Investigators say it came to rest upside down in the swamp and sank with five of the victims trapped inside. A sixth, who was thrown from the SUV during the crash, was found under it when the vehicle was taken out of the water.

Holt said Sunday evening that speed was a factor, although investigators were still trying to determine the speed at the time of the accident.

“We will not be speculating on alcohol and-or drug usage pending toxicology reports,” Holt said.

At an impound lot where the wreckage was taken, with windows smashed and extensive damage to the front end, hood and roof. [Sentence fragment alert!]

Ralston didn’t know where the teens were headed when the crash happened and Holt said later it wasn’t clear how long they had been out.

“All I know is my baby is gone,” said Derrick Ray, who came to the crash site after viewing his 15-year-old son Daylan’s body at the county morgue. He said he knew that his son, a talented football player who was looking forward to playing in high school, was out with friends, but didn’t know their plans.

Warren Fire Department Capt. Bill Monrean said a cold water rescue team was deployed to the scene and got five teens out of the submerged vehicle.

“Being a cold water rescue situation, cold water extends life,” Monrean told AP Radio. “We knew we had a chance; even being in there a while.”

Two of the teens, both 15, were brought to a hospital in full cardiac arrest, St. Joseph Health Center nursing supervisor Julie Gill said, and were pronounced dead there. She said they were treated for hypothermic drowning trauma, indicating they had been submerged in cold water.

The two survivors, 18-year-old Brian Henry and 15-year-old Asher Lewis, both of Warren, were treated for bruising and other injuries and released, she said.

All those killed were ages 14 to 19, authorities said. State police identified the others
as the 19-year-old driver Alexis Cayson; Andrique Bennett, 14; Brandon Murray, 14; and Kirklan Behner, Ramone White and Ray, all 15. The Highway Patrol said Cayson was the only female in the vehicle.

Rickie Bowling, 18, a friend of Behner, sobbed at the crash scene as she recalled his playfulness and reputation as a cut-up.

“He was one of a kind,” she said. “Everyone knew him in the neighborhood. In school, he always made everyone laugh.”

Officials opened a school where several of the victims attended to provide counseling for families Sunday night. Superintendent Michael Notar called the crowded closed-door session heartbreaking and said counselors would be available again Monday in schools.

Cheryl Moore, 54, whose nephew is a classmate of some of the victims, emerged from the counseling session and said it was helpful. “I just feel we have to come to grips with what happened today,” she said.

All eight were from Warren.

Warren, located near the Pennsylvania state line, is a mostly blue-collar city that was hit by the decline of U.S. steel mills. It has more than 41,000 residents in the industrial Mahoning Valley region.

Associated Press writer John Seewer in Toledo and Dan Sewell in Cincinnati contributed this report.


Anonymous said...

"No one in the group had asked to take the vehicle and its owner was not related to any of the teens, Holt said. The vehicle was licensed to a resident of Youngstown, about 20 miles away."

Grand Theft Auto or carjacked wouldn't do?

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What an odd sentence. I have never seen so much effort taken to avoid stating the obvious.