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Americans Got Ripped Off for Billions of Dollars in Earthquake Aid to Haiti, and NPR and Poverty Pimp Jonathan Katz Rub Their Noses in It, by Adding Insult to Injury


"Many homes that were rebuilt after the earthquake in 2010 are even more dangerous than the original ones. This three-story home was put up after the quake but is already slated for demolition to make way for an 18-unit housing project." (David Gilkey/NPR) [N.S.: Oh, so it wasn’t enough that we paid to rebuild their homes? Now, we are somehow to blame, and obliged to re-rebuild them?]

"Although progress has been slow, there are signs of construction in Haiti. A neighborhood near downtown Port-au-Prince that was in shambles after the quake has been rebuilt." (David Gilkey/NPR) [So, he found one neighborhood that was rebuilt. That’s what our $9.3 billion bought?]

[Posted, with a running commentary, by Nicholas Stix

What Happened to the Aid Meant to Rebuild Haiti?
By Jason Beaubien
February 28, 2013
Morning Edition

5 min 13 sec
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After a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, governments and foundations from around the world pledged more than $9 billion to help get the country back on its feet.

Only a fraction of the money ever made it. And Haiti's President Michel Martelly says the funds aren't "showing results."

Roughly 350,000 people still live in camps. Many others simply moved back to the same shoddily built structures that proved so deadly during the disaster.

Martelly says the relief effort is uncoordinated and projects hatched from good intentions have undermined his government. "We don't just want the money to come to Haiti. Stop sending money," he tells Shots. "Let's fix it," he says, referring to the international relief system. "Let's fix it."

[No; let’s shut it down. After all these generations, we’re going to “fix it”? How, pray tell? Martelly has doubtless stolen millions himself. His officials could not have robbed relief workers of millions of dollars in supplies and cash, without kicking back a piece to him. Indeed, his own people would hold him in contemot, if he did not steal as much as possible. What kind of leader, they would complain, is such a weakling. And then they would revolt against such "weakness."]

Chew on that. You risk life and limb to bring emergency supplies and cash to a country whose officials rob you of it. You cannot help such a country. All you can do is limit its ability to hurt you and your country.]

Disaster specialist Dr. Tom Kirsch from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine agrees with Martelly. "Clearly we saved lives," he says. "Clearly we put people in tents.

Clearly we did all kinds of stuff. But at the same time the level of chaos and the overall ability to reach needy people, we don't know how well we did."

[“The level of chaos” was not because of the earthquake, but the people. Orderly countries and areas do not degenerate into chaos, following a natural disaster. On the contrary, people help each other. Haiti was in chaos, because it has always been that way, and always will be. Soon, that will be the norm in America, as well, as we fill up with chaotic, stupid, violent, criminals, with their hands always out.]

Kirsch, who's been in Haiti several times since the quake, added, "We could have written a check to everyone in Haiti for — I don't know — $10,000 a piece, which would support them forever rather than the way we spent it."

So where did all that money go?

We got to put that question to reporter Jonathan Katz, author of the new book The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster. He was Haiti bureau chief for The Associated Press at the time of the quake. Here are highlights from the conversation, edited lightly for length and clarity.

Shots: Aid pledged to Haiti — $9.3 billion worth from 2010 to 2012 — is about a third of all global health aid donated in 2012. What happened to the money that was supposed to go to Haiti?

Katz: Money did what money tends to do in most foreign aid situations. That is, rather than being a model in which a rich country gives a poor country a big bag of cash and says, "Here spend this on fixing things up from whatever the latest crisis was," what actually happens is that very little of the money actually leaves the donor countries.

[He’s lying, in order to cover up the massive theft by Haitians. This guy isn’t a reporter, he’s crook. He demands that billions of dollars of white Americans’ money be seized for a corrupt, racist country, and then won’t evne admit that the money was seized.]

First of all, you've got billions of dollars that are promised but just never delivered. You've got billions of dollars more that were sort of creative accounting. Donor nations say they're providing debt relief, yet those debts were never realistically going to be paid back. So some of the money is sort of fictive.

[N.S.: In other words, the beneficiary country swindled the donor country out of billions of dollars in aid by pledging to pay it back, plus interest, when it never intended to do any such thing. But propaganda operative Jonathan Katz instead pulls a switch, in which he turns the donor countries into the crooks. So, the American taxpayer gets hit twice: First, with a multi-billion-dollar tab for loans to a predatory borrower nation, and then a second time, when leftwing operatives like Katz lie, and say that the loan forgiveness was fraudulent. The truth is that operatives like Katz are in bed—often literally—with the politicians and “non-profit” bosses who lie to and defraud the American taxpayers out of billions of dollars for “loans” that the operatives, et al., intend all along to be “gifts” of other people’s money.

Katz is a crook. Look for him to constantly demand that Americans bail out other countries, and then after Americans do that, deny that they did anything. He’s an accomplice of the people stealing the money.

Katz’ game is analogous to the domestic crooks who demanded and got “free” homes for predatory, uncreditworthy black and Hispanic deadbeats to the tune of trillions of dollars, and who, after the deadbeats caused the Minority Mortgage Meltdown, turned the facts upside down, proclaiming the deadbeats the victims of (white) “predatory” lenders.]

So how much actually made it into Haiti?

Even among the real money, if you look at what was labeled as humanitarian relief, in the months right after the quake, that amounts to about $2.5 billion.

[So, through verbal sleight of hand, Katz just turned $9.5 billion into $2.5 billion. He’s doing anything he can to minimize, by hook or by crook, the sacrifices of white taxpayers and charitable donors.]

Ninety-three percent of that money either went to United Nations agencies or international nongovernmental organizations, or it never left the donor government.

[So, is he saying that United Nations agencies and international nongovernmental organizations are all crooks? Because otherwise, he’s not saying anything.]

So you had the Pentagon writing bills to the State Department to get reimbursed for having sent troops down to respond to the disaster.

[But that’s a legitimate expense. Those troops were all paid. Every American military man and piece of material that we sent to Haiti to help the Haitians incurred a substantial expense. Why is he denying that the expense counts?]

If we're talking about reconstruction, it's really a misnomer to think that relief aid was necessarily going to have the effect of rebuilding a country in any shape or form.

[So, it didn’t count? Note his implied premise: Unless we rebuild Haiti into some sort of splendor that it never had, nothing we spend on it counts.

So what was that money spent on?

Band-Aids. Literally bandages. Short-term relief. Tarps to put over your head. Food to fill emergency gaps in supply.

[“Band-Aids” is an old Marxist code phrase I recall from college in the late 1970s. No matter how much money is forcibly seized from white taxpayers, and given to non-white crooks and malingerers, it’s still only “a band-aid,” and thus meaningless. We’re now at the point of multi-trillion-dollar band-aids.]

But food gets eaten. Tarps wear out. Band-Aids get pulled off. And ultimately, all that money is spent, but people aren't left with anything durable.

[And whose fault is that? Why, the same white man who has been paying the trillions, natch!]

When you hear about all these billions of dollars [NPR: in aid donations], the imagination is that they're going to go and rebuild the country after the earthquake. They were never intended to do so and, lo and behold, they didn't.

[That’s a lie. The money was begged for and given with the understanding that it was to rebuild the country. Tiny Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and only has 9.8 million people. It should be dirt cheap to fix up. As Tom Kirsch said, “We could have written a check to everyone in Haiti for — I don't know — $10,000 a piece, which would support them forever rather than the way we spent it.” To hear Jonathan Katz tell it, we need to spend 100 times as much on little Haiti, in order to pay for more than “band-aids.” That’s a great way to pauperize the “rich” donor country, i.e., us, but guess what? The money would all get stolen, just like it was when it was $9.3 billion, and the place would still look as bad as it does now.

For a domestic analogy, racist black leaders and their white racial socialist allies have been demanding that whites pay to “rebuild” Detroit. Never mind, that tax dollars didn’t build the Motor City, in the first place, private investment did. And yet, white Wayne County, Michigan, and federal taxpayers have already had billions of dollars seized from them, in order to maintain Detroit, over the past app. 40 years. They’ve already paid, and paid, and paid. And the more they pay, the worse Detroit gets, sand the more the poverty pimps demand. Jonathan Katz is just another poverty pimp. And what is true of Katz is equally true of NPR’s Jason Beaubien, since the latter clearly supports the former.]

There are often complaints after big disasters about waste and inefficiencies. Was the Haiti earthquake different from any other international disaster or is this typical?

What is interesting about Haiti is the extremes.

There are lots of places that have weak governments, but Haiti's government is weak in a special way. It's the product of so many years of aid going around the government and international efforts to undermine the government. Presidents being overthrown and flown out on U.S. Air Force planes and then reinstalled and then overthrown again. That left the Haitian government in such a weakened state.

[But that’s the Haitians’ fault! You can’t help people like that, all you cna do is keep them as far away, as possible.]

Then the disaster itself was also so much more extreme. It was so concentrated. It hit the capital city. Whether your estimates for a death toll is in the 80,000 range or closer to the government's estimate of 316,000 — in a city of 2.5 million people — it's just an extraordinary number.

It was an incredibly horrific disaster. It hit the country right at its heart and destroyed a government that was already weakened.

[But if the government, like every Haitian government tha ever existed, was so corrupt, what did it matter if it was “destroyed”? This guy avoids logic, causal relationships, and context, at all costs.

Also, keep in mind that since this was a national disaster in a tiny country, the correct comparison is to 9.8 million citizens. In any event, whether the death toll was 80,000 or 316,000, since the people were desperately poor, how does that justify claiming that the disaster destroyed the country? If anything, that reduces the cost of relief and rebuilding, since there are so many fewer mouths for Americans to feed. Katz is making pleas to emotion and engaging in special pleading. There is no economic or political sense, let alone any respect for Americans’ vital interests, in his wailings. But then, he's no journalist.]

But beyond that, the attitude that so many foreign aid groups have regarding Haiti is that you can basically come in and do whatever you want. So there was no accountability, no coordination.

[“Accountability” to whom? “Coordination” by whom? The Haitian government crooks? The U.N. and non-profit crooks?]

People were just running around doing what they thought was best or what they thought was best for them. And it really created a mess.

[So, the Haitian government was worthless, but Katz is blaming whites who actually tried to help? If helping Haiti hurts it, we need to stop helping it. And what about us helping ourselves? Charity begins at home, especially when your own nation is a bankrupt, failed state. Crooks like Jonathan Katz aren’t interested in “helping” the Third World; their real agenda is in pauperizing and destroying all whites.]

• D Boone•17 days ago
Skip the middleman, and just flush your money down the toilet.

Alfred Edwards•17 days ago

Leave it to Clinton and Bush on another humanitarian effort.
Haiti is a basket case.

Haiti for decades was a base for many US companies to set up operations for its cheap labor.

Where is the money? Well all those "do gooders" got it.

NPR once again has failed to do its job like the rest of the mainstream media to find the answer.

As usual I have to go to some alternative sites which will cover the "whole" story and not censor and filter out what the public need not read.

joshua palmer to Alfred Edwards•16 days ago

Thanks for blaming everyone and providing no "answers", just like everyone else.

Nicholas Stix to joshua palmer•13 days ago

You're blaming him for not "providing 'answers'" (why the scare quotes to your own point?) that no one has.

It seems to me that giving money to Haiti is a complete waste, and always has been. The country has an average IQ of 70, it's as corrupt as anywhere on earth, and it's genocidally racist. The only people who have been able to make a contribution are those who went down there and worked. That government officials think they have a right to rob aid workers says it all, even without "non-profit" officials telling callers who want to help to "send money."

There's a reason the Third World is the Third World. Those who have helped those people invade America have destroyed what was the greatest country on the face of the earth, and have hands drenched in blood.

[I’m amazed that NPR’s censors permitted my comment. Thanks, guys!]


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Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how obsessed public radio is with trying to obtain more gun control since December? That leftist Scott Simon I swear has a plethora of anti-gun stories running EVERY week since Dec; the Cosmopolitans have been searching for every anti-gun angle they can find under a rock.

As for screwing the US taxpayer, listening to public radio has led me to the conclusion that they must have a censor that prevents them from uttering the words TAX and COST in their broadcasts, so rare it is I ever hear it uttered!

Smokey Behr said...

I call NPR "National Propaganda Radio" ever since the debacle with Juan Williams. NPR/PBS/CPB are nothing more than far-left hacks who couldn't find a real job in broadcasting if they tried. Okay, maybe MSNBC or RT would hire them...