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Gibsmedat in Philly! Housing Chief with $306,000 Salary Gets “Free” $600,000 Luxury Condo (i.e., at White Expense), Never Pays for It, Defaults, and Bank Still Lets Him Keep It! Meanwhile, Whites Who Lost Their Jobs Get Evicted from Homes They Bought, and Have to Live in Hobo Camps


"Carl R. Greene's salary as executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority is $306,370 a year."

Posted by Nicholas Stix

I’d been meaning to post this story since it broke, but forgot. Note that shortly after the real estate bubble burst in the summer of 2008, say in early 2009, the MSM actually did stories showing evicted whites, who’d lost their jobs and been foreclosed on, living in hobo camps. But then the MSM remembered that they had made the faux pas of showing whites suffering, and stopped. Meanwhile, blacks who had defaulted on their “free” homes had not been evicted from their homes, including well-to-do blacks like the man below, who continued to draw his $306,000 per year salary, which was paid by the white tax base.

* * *
Philadelphia Housing Authority chief Carl Greene facing foreclosure
By Jennifer Lin, Inquirer Staff Writer
August 13, 2010
Philadelphia Inquirer

The mortgage foreclosure crisis has claimed an unlikely victim: Carl R. Greene, executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA).

Wells Fargo Bank has foreclosed on Greene's $615,035 condominium in the upscale Naval Square development in the city's Schuylkill section.

In a lawsuit filed July 27, Wells Fargo said the amount in dispute was $386,685.22.
Greene, 53, runs the nation's fourth-largest public housing agency and is one of the highest-paid public officials in the city. His salary is $306,370, and last year he got a $44,188 bonus.

Kirk Dorn, a spokesman for Greene, confirmed Thursday that the housing chief was "involved in a dispute with his mortgage company."

[Greene wasn’t “involved in a dispute with his mortgage company”; he was a deadbeat who never paid his mortgage. He probably got a free, gibsmedat no-money-down mortgage loan to begin with, and paid nothing thereafter. “Free” money, “free” house!]

"It's unfortunate that the dispute is now public, but he plans to deal with the matter in private," Dorn said.

Dorn added that Greene "knows people will find it hard to understand how he could be involved in a possible foreclosure proceeding on his home, but he would prefer not to say more about it at this time."

Greene bought his three-bedroom, 2,100-square-foot condo in 2007. Wells Fargo is not seeking to evict him.

[But the bank has no compunctions about evicting whites who had made hefty down payments and monthly mortgage payments until they lost their jobs. At the time, this guy still had his high-paying job.]

Like any other Philadelphia homeowner threatened with losing a house, Greene will have to participate in the city's mortgage-foreclosure program. He is scheduled to appear Sept. 16 in the courtroom of Judge Annette Rizzo.

PHA, a state authority, is funded mostly by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is responsible for providing housing for Philadelphia's poor. It maintains rowhouses and apartments for low-income residents and develops affordable housing for purchase.

Greene took over PHA in 1998, after serving as executive director of the Detroit Housing Commission. He also worked for housing authorities in Atlanta and Washington.

Under Greene, PHA has aggressively eliminated outdated public-housing projects that concentrated families in fortresslike structures. Instead, the agency has developed low-rise communities with a mix of rental units and affordable homes for purchase. The developments often helped transform neighborhoods, such as the Hawthorne section of South Philadelphia.

Greene has drawn praise for his results in building housing and reviving neighborhoods and criticism for his sometimes combative, forceful style. During the administration of President George W. Bush, Greene sued HUD and accused the agency of punishing PHA for not giving land to the politically connected Philadelphia music producer and developer Kenny Gamble. The case was resolved out of court.

With the Obama administration, Greene has drawn attention and accolades from HUD for quickly putting to use [read: spending like a drunken sailor] economic-recovery money. In the last two years, PHA has received an additional $127 million in stimulus money that Greene has used to build or renovate 1,200 housing units.
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[N.S.: I first heard “gibsmedat” from the Countenance blogmeister.]


Chicago guy said...

What is it that we're supposed to be getting for these absurdly high salaries? As if only this genius could do that job. Then he can't even balance his own expenses? I'll bet there's many thousands of job seekers out there who could do anything he could do and do it better for a salary a third of what he gets. It wouldn't surprise me if even with his ridiculously inflated salary that he was revealed to have zero in his bank account.

Anonymous said...

Also, Carl R Greene bought a $320,000 townhome in Decatur GA in April 2011 despite the PA foreclosure and his unemployed status.

Anonymous said...

Always hate hearing these kinds of stories... :/
-Jackie @ PA real estate