Friday, March 22, 2013

Brunswick, Georgia: Black Boy, 13-15 Years Old, Shot One-Year-Old Baby to Death, When the Child’s Mother Didn’t Have Any Money to Hand Over, Wounded Mother; Accomplice Id’d as 10-12 Years Old


“The scene of a shooting in Brunswick, Ga. where an infant was fatally shot and his mother wounded while walking around the neighborhood on March 21, 2013/ WTOC”

Posted by Nicholas Stix

One of the colleagues that sent me this article observed,

“I’ve been reviewing reports on this killing and this is the first one that indicates the cops are looking for two young blacks. CNN and other ‘news’ outlets didn’t disclose this information.”

My racist readers are bound to complain, “What’s race got to do with it? All races have bad people and criminals.”

Wrong. All races may have bad people and criminals, but not this quality or quantity thereof.

The direct benefit of Jim Crow and segregation was that blacks rarely dared to commit the sort of atrocities against whites that I routinely write about today. The in direct benefit of Jim Crow and segregation was that blacks rarely dared to commit the sort of atrocities against blacks that I routinely write about today.

Blacks desperately need to be morally guided and restrained by enlightened whites. Instead, what they get today is encouragement and license to commit mayhem from whites who have gone over to the dark side.

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Ga. Infant Shot: Two teens sought in shooting that left mother wounded, infant dead, police say
By Roomie Huh
March 22, 2013 10:39 a.m.
CBS News
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(CBS/AP) BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Police are looking for two teens in connection to a Thursday shooting that left a mother wounded and her 1-year-old boy dead while she was pushing her baby in a stroller in a Georgia neighborhood.

Sherry West said she was walking near her home in the coastal city of Brunswick, about 80 miles south of Savannah, on Thursday morning when two boys approached her and demanded money. West said she insisted she didn't have any money and tried to protect her son, Antonio, before shots rang out.

The mother sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound in the leg and was transported to the Southeast Georgia Health System for treatment, CBS affiliate WTOC reports. The infant was found dead at the scene.

"This is obviously a terrible day in Brunswick," Brunswick Mayor Bryan Thompson said. "Please call if you know something. You are complicit in this crime."

Officers from a SWAT team checked vacant houses as investigators tried to find possible witnesses. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources provided a helicopter to aid the search.

According to WTOC, Brunswick Police are searching for two black male suspects. The gunman is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall, slender build, with curly hair, possibly between the ages of 13 and 15 years old, wearing a red shirt. His accomplice is short in stature, possibly between the ages of 10 and 12 years old, wearing a black shirt.

Anyone with information is asked to call Brunswick Police at 912-554-3645. There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.


Anonymous said...

Black Panthers and other blacks have been preaching kill White babies.

Anonymous said...

An arrest was made this afternoon. The suspects are 17 and 14 year old black "teens."

David In TN

Celebrate Homogeneity said...

I wonder how gently these precious little darlings will be treated by the local (alleged) justice system? How many black "community" "leaders" will crawl out of the woodwork to make a scene?

I am getting so tired of this stuff. In all of my almoast 64 years I never thought I would openly be advocating a return to Jim Crow.

Mr. Rational said...

The shooter is now identified as De'Marquis Elkins, age 17.  He has been charged with first-degree murder.

In days gone by, a heinous crime like this would result in widespread reprisals against the Black "community" for the outrage.  You can call this collective punishment, but it generally worked.

We need things that work again.  Some things do not work:  Black officials are generally incompetent or corrupt, and Black voters have no sense of the greater good.  We should allow neither.