Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicago: 6-Month Old Jonylah Watkins Died Today, After being Shot 5 Times Yesterday, While Her Father Changed Her Diaper in a Minivan


Jonylah Watkins, R.I.P.

“March 11, 2013: In this file photo, Chicago Police investigate at the scene of a shooting where 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins, was shot five times whie [sic] her father was changing her diaper in a parked minivan in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood. The van can be seen with the window shattered from the shooting. (AP/Chicago Sun-Times)”

Posted by Nicholas Stix

R.I.P., Baby Jonylah.

This killing has g-a-n-g h-i-t written all over it.

The intended target was the father, Jonathan Watkins, who was hit three times. Jonylah’s mother, Judy Watkins, had been shot in the knee while pregnant with Jonylah. So, this baby was lucky to even have been born, and had a very short life expectancy. Do not expect the Chicago media to be in any hurry to report on the Watkinses gang affiliation. They like to keep everyone in the dark with their idiotic, “senseless violence” talking point.

The only alternative explanation is retaliation for someone in the family having gone to police or prosecutors about a gang member.

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Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

6-month-old Chicago girl dies after being shot 5 times
March 12, 2013
Associated Press/Fox News

CHICAGO – A 6-month-old Chicago girl who was shot five times while her father was changing her diaper died of her wounds Tuesday, authorities said.

Jonylah Watkins died at Comer Children's Hospital, where she underwent surgery following Monday afternoon's attack, the Cook County Medical Examiner's office said. Her father, Jonathan Watkins, was also wounded and remained in critical condition at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Police on Tuesday were scouring the South Side neighborhood of Woodlawn, where the attack happened, for security camera footage or any other clues as to who carried out the attack.

Witnesses said the gunman approached Jonathan Watkins at around 1 p.m. and opened fire on him while he was standing beside his minivan and changing his daughter's diaper. She was on the front seat.

Jonathan Watkins was shot in the side and buttocks, and suffered a graze wound to his face. Jonylah was shot five times, in the thigh, shoulder, lung, liver and bowels, the family said.

It wasn't the family's first brush with Chicago's gun violence. The girl's mother, Judy Watkins, was shot in the knee while she was pregnant with Jonylah, according to the woman's mother, Mary Young.

"There's too much shooting over there," Young told reporters Monday. Speaking of her granddaughter, she added, "She's nothing but 6 months old. How could anybody -- what kind of heart?"

Chicago has seen a recent rise in gun violence -- much of it gang-related -- and registered at least 500 homicides last year for the first time since 2008. In 2011, there were 435 homicides.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told reporters Monday that homicides were down 26 percent this year, compared with the same period a year earlier. He was expected to give an update on the latest attack later Tuesday.

[It’s like the old Soviet Union. Production was always officially up, in surpassing the Five-Year Plan. How does Garry McCarthy cope with the fact that he has zero credibility in the city of Chicago?]


Chicago guy said...

The costs of treating the whole family gets shifted onto those with insurance, jacking up the bill for the insurance companies of ordinary customers. These people certainly pay nothing. Where'd he get the money for the van? It's reported he has a criminal record a mile long so it's unlikely he works at McDonalds. Also, he's not cooperating with police so apparently he's not all that upset with what's taken place. I guess it's up to everyone else to get excited about it. Nobody else seems to have snitched so it's just business as usual. They'll scream plenty about the cops not being quick enough to solve the case, though.

Anonymous said...

The shooter is able to hit a small target, a baby, five times but hits the intended target ,adult black, only three times, counting a grazing wound, and the mother has already been kneecapped. The baby is dead and the black father refuses to cooperate with police. Talk about a no snitch rule!!! NO. NO. I am not talking about the media, I am talking about the father. Okay maybe the media too.
Now on to more important stories. What's this about the White man doing graffiti?