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Pittsburgh: Target Stabbing Suspect Leon Raymond Walls, 41, is a Psychopathic Drifter with a History of Murder


Attempted murder victim Allison Meadows—the first of four

Suspect Leon Raymond Walls

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“Pittsburgh: Homeless Black Fugitive Leon Raymond Walls, 41, Slashed and Stabbed Four Victims, Mostly Men Who Came to the Aid of the White Girl He was Trying to Murder”; and

“Pittsburgh: Target Attempted Murder Suspect Leon Raymond Walls, 41, Has Identical Name, and is the Same Age as Suspect in 1991 Los Angeles Robbery-Murder.”]

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Yesterday, I re-posted a 1991 Los Angeles Times article about a 19-year-old thug named Leon Raymond Walls, who had committed robbery and murder in L.A., and asked if that was the same mug who tried to murder several people in a Target in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty section. The answer is, yes.

Walls and his crime partner, Bryant Jerome Clark, 18, had robbed a couple, Louis Roldan, 45, and his fiancé, Hilda Blackburn, 47. Roldan was veteran “reserve police officer” (auxiliary?), and drew his gun, to defend himself and his fiancé. Unfortunately, Roldan missed his intended target, Clark, and instead hit and killed his fiancé.

However, since Blackburn was killed as a result of the robbery, that made her death felony murder. But instead of real punishment, all Walls got was an eight-year visit to the Graybar Hotel for “voluntary manslaughter and robbery.” In spite of an additional, prison charge of battery, by 1999, he was again a free man.

Then there’s an approximately 12-year gap in charges. Since a man like Leon Raymond Walls is a walking, talking crime machine, whether he’s inside or out, that time would have been a history of thousands of violent crimes, unless he was heavily medicated in a mental hospital, in which case it might only be a history of hundreds of violent crimes.

As I recently noted regarding another psychopathic drifter, Deanne Ostbye, these sorts of criminals get a pass for an awful lot of minor crimes, and get not-so-minor crimes downgraded to piddling misdemeanors, which are then typically expunged. However, they don’t become inactive.

Liz Navratil reports below,

When he was arrested in Pittsburgh, Walls was wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service on a probation violation stemming from an assault in Washington, D.C. Walls was charged with simple assault after he jumped on a man at a homeless shelter on Aug. 4, 2011, began to strike him with his fist and then bit him on the head, according to a police report.

If not for biting the other guy on the head, Walls would probably not have done more than a night in the cooler. He must have drawn blood.

We seem to have more and more psychopathic drifters on our streets.

Now, open borders supporters will point to the fact that Deanne Ostbye, cop-killer Eriese Tisdale (whom I wrote about in the same VDARE column as Ostbye), and Walls are all home-grown psychos, as if that were an argument for never-ending, mass, Third World immigration. Actually, the opposite is the case. Ostbye, Tisdale, and Walls are all home-grown Third Worlders. Such populations (blacks and Hispanics) have frequencies of violence many times higher than whites do. And this has nothing to do with “poverty.” Poor white areas are typically safer for people of all races than wealthy areas are. As some Internet wags point out, West Virginia is one of the poorest states in the union, is almost all white, and yet has about the lowest crime rate.

We’re in the midst of a depression, and have ever more wandering psychos on our streets. Meanwhile, we’re so broke that not only do we not have the money to pay for ever more prison and mental hospital space, but we’re releasing felons, to save money.

The more Third Worlders we import, the more such psychopaths we will have, both absolutely and proportionally. If we’re going to import anyone, it should be the whites being subjected to genocide on the installment plan in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Thanks to reader-researcher David in TN.

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Suspect in East Liberty Target stabbings has criminal history
Girl, 16, recovering from collapsed lung in attack
By Liz Navratil
March 27, 2013 12:02 am
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The homeless man accused of going on a stabbing spree in the East Liberty Target store has a criminal history that stretches across the nation and includes convictions on charges that he bit a man on the head and aided in a robbery that led to a woman's death.

Leon Raymond Walls, 41, remained in the Allegheny County Jail on Tuesday while the most seriously injured victim in Monday's stabbing -- a 16-year-old girl from Tennessee -- recovered surprisingly well, delighting her friends and family members.

Pittsburgh Zone 5 Cmdr. Timothy O'Connor, whose officers are leading the investigation, said police do not yet know why Walls attacked people in and near the Target store or why he was in town.

"Why he did this would only be speculation," the commander said. "It was fortunate that no one died in this incident and that he was detained and taken into custody."

Walls was arrested shortly after 5:30 p.m. on Monday after witnesses told police that he stabbed a man in the arm near Highland News and then ran into the Target store, where he stabbed Allison Meadows, of Chattanooga.

He also slashed the lips and fingers of men who tried to subdue him until officers arrived and used pepper spray and a Taser to stop him, police said.

Walls earned himself a criminal record in California and Washington, D.C.
He served a sentence for voluntary manslaughter and robbery at Mule Creek State Prison between July 1991 and June 1999, according to Bill Sessa, spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Court records show that Walls and another man were initially charged with murdering Hilda Blackburn and robbing her and a man named Louis Roldan. The murder charge was later downgraded.

While Walls was in prison, he was charged with battery, Mr. Sessa said.

When he was arrested in Pittsburgh, Walls was wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service on a probation violation stemming from an assault in Washington, D.C. Walls was charged with simple assault after he jumped on a man at a homeless shelter on Aug. 4, 2011, began to strike him with his fist and then bit him on the head, according to a police report.

It's not clear how or when Walls made it to Pittsburgh. But his presence here was impossible to ignore on Monday evening.

Michael Turner, 48, of East Liberty, said he and his cousin Roland Smith and friend Jobe Wright were standing near Highland News not far from the Target store when Walls came up behind him and stabbed Mr. Wright for no apparent reason.

"He was deranged-like," Mr. Turner said. "You could just see it in his eyes. Something wasn't right."

Tyrique Walker, 22, of Penn Hills, was feeding a parking meter when he saw the stabbing and watched Walls run toward the Target. Mr. Wright, Mr. Smith and Mr. Turner followed behind him, one of them carrying a baseball bat -- a scene that prompted someone in the area to call 911.

Mr. Walker said he alerted store security and then went into the bathroom, working on the theory that a man who had just stabbed someone would likely want to change his clothes.

Walls rushed out of the bathroom with a knife. A store security guard ran the opposite way, witnesses said, and Walls began to weave in and out of cashiers' aisles.

At some point in the mayhem, he grabbed 16-year-old Allison Meadows, placed his arm around her neck, dragged her and then stabbed her in the back, collapsing her lung, police and witnesses said.

Allison held hands with her friend Chelsey Stokes, who engaged in tug-of-war with Walls, Ms. Stokes told KDKA-TV.

A man, later identified as Hosea Davis, 36, of Wilkinsburg, jumped into the mix and helped free Allison from Walls.

"He was like Superman," Mr. Turner said. "All I've seen is this little guy flying in the air."

The men struggled to stop Walls and the frenzy continued into a nearby aisle full of medical supplies.

"None of us knew each other," Mr. Walker said. "It was just like we'd seen this happening. We had to get this guy out of the streets. Once I seen him grab this little girl, I just realized that he didn't have no remorse."

Police arrived and medics transported Allison to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, where she had planned to visit a relative and from where she was sending out messages on Twitter about her recovery Monday night. Mr. Wright, Mr. Smith and Mr. Turner were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

A spokeswoman for Target said the company wishes Allison's family well and takes security seriously.

Cmdr. O'Connor said he is considering nominating the men who helped Allison for honors.

Mr. Turner, who takes blood-thinning medication, said that despite the risk, his decision to help Allison was a simple one: "I can't afford to get cut or stabbed or shot or anything because I'll bleed to death. I just wanted to save that little girl."

Liz Navratil: Thomas Piland contributed.
March 27, 2013 12:00 am

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Mr. Rational said...

I know that Supreme Court precedent rules this out (unless we pass a Constitutional amendment to overturn it), but psychos like Walls are even more dangerous than rabid dogs (you can't fix bleeding to death with a vaccine) and ought to be put down the same way.