Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dangerous, Colorless Hombres: Do You Know What “Chaperone” Pics are? (Plus, Essential Background on the Jonylah Watkins Murder)


Jonylah Watkins was condemend to death, based on the gang war her father was embroiled in, even before her birth


Jonathan Watkins' mug shot

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Chicago: 6-Month Old Jonylah Watkins Died Today, After being Shot 5 Times Yesterday, While Her Father Changed Her Diaper in a Minivan.”]

By Nicholas Stix


The caption to the mug shot above is, “Police say ‘Watch’ graffiti artist in custody.”

In other words, the suspect has been charged with a non-violent property crime, not even something as sinister as the gang “tagging” (vandalism) of private property with its ugly, menacing, graffiti.

I don’t know the suspect’s name, or even where he was arrested, and I don’t care, anymore than the editors of the CT Post did, when they placed his mug shot on the same page as their story on the Chicago murder of six-month-old Jonylah Watkins, and wounding of Jonylah’s father, Jonathan Watkins, “Infant the latest victim of Chicago gang violence.”

The editors had changed the original title, still embedded in the URL: “Police: Slain Chicago infant’s dad belongs to gang.”

Some of the newspaper’s resident, racist, affirmative active newsroom enforcers, supported by their leftwing, white “allies,” must have protested, and demanded the hed change.

Regarding the photograph, all the editors cared about was that the graffiti “artist” had a white, or at least white-enough face to serve as a chaperone on a page in which all the faces were black.

Even though the story on the page was about the murder of a black infant, the original story had a set of mug shots of the dead baby’s father, since censored down the memory hole (which is how I found the page, in the first place, via Google Images), with a caption that noted his gang membership. The current picture shows two grieving black women, but the photo editor forgot to replace the original, gang-related caption. (Now, he has.)

The story tells us what the Chicago Tribune story I earlier posted refused to, but was obvious, based on how the hit was carried out, and the history of attempted murders against the child’s parents: Jonathan Watkins is a gang member, a career criminal, and has so far refused to cooperate with police investigating his baby’s murder. As my reader Chicago guy pointed out, Watkins didn't get the money for that van working at McDonald's.

Jonathan Watkins is a gang member with a long criminal history — including a three-year prison sentence on a weapons charge— and there is little doubt he was the target of the attack, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said at a news conference Tuesday hours after the infant died. Watkins was standing in his car door changing his daughter's diaper around lunchtime when the gunman approached and opened fire.

"He was obviously targeted," McCarthy said. "It was very clear that whoever was doing this was firing at the father and exclusively at the father who happened to be sitting in a minivan with the child."

[“Infant the latest victim of Chicago gang violence,” by Don Babwin, Associated Press
Tuesday, March 12, 2013, updated 5:31 p.m.]
Thus, readers of the story can easily enough surmise that this is a story of black criminals who targeted another black criminal. Thus, editors feel that they must “balance” out the presence of black thugs with as many ridiculously irrelevant pictures as possible of white “criminals.” I call these acts of photographic misdirection and confusion “chaperones,” which are used to protect readers from the occasion of sin, or at least the temptation to sin. The temptation or sin in question involves thinking clearly about the connection between violent crime and race.

Just to be on the safe side, the editors posted yet another ludicrously irrelevant picture of white “bad guys.”

Gun owners rally in Hartford

Never mind that legal gun owners are the good guys. To the racial socialists in the MSM, white, legal gun owners are the Devil incarnate (never mind that the same MSMers are virulent atheists), indistinguishable from the Tea Party and “Christian Fundamentalists”—the source of racism, illegal guns flooding the streets of black and Hispanic neighborhoods, potential mass murderers themselves, pedophiles and serial killers, not to mention being guilty of every other kind of despicable evil in the world. As such, it is permissible, nay, obligatory, to do everything possible to harm legal gun owners, as Gannett's Westchester Journal News newspaper did at Christmastime, when it published the names of people with state gun permits, in seeking to encourage criminals and fellow gun-grabbers to victimize them.

Two chaperone pics ought to more than drown out any racist noise otherwise on the page.

As far as I know, racist editor Gerould W. Kern’s Chicago Tribune pioneered the “chaperone” method, but it is clearly spreading.

The CT Post is not a Trib property, but rather a Hearst newspaper.

[Thanks to reader Chicago guy for the heads-up.]


Anonymous said...

Yep. A preoccupation of media types and columnists in general is that legal gun owners flood black and hispanic neighborhoods with firearms. I recall a column years ago with this exact theme.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Guess it's just not white men...

Another story I found on the internet that won't make front page headlines. Wonder why.

Anonymous said...

To help put the media race manipulation in perspective check out this headline in Lake Oswego OR. This murder occured some time a go and has been popping up in the headlines regularly for months, it was a robbery of a white male in the wealthiest part of the Portland metro area, it had nothing to do with "white supremacism". This guy had some connection to a neo nazi group in his past so every newspaper article or TV news report puts "White Supremacist" in it's headline. That's more of a story than the guys actual crime. It's infuriating when you see black gang affiliations ignored, even when the crime is obviously connected to gang activity, then guys like this white guy have irrelevant gang activity from the past played up by the media. Jerry