Tuesday, February 07, 2012

White Travelers Getting Called “Honkeys” by a Black Baggage Agent: Yet Another Reason to Love New Orleans

[Postscript, 9/2/12: Tonight, Peter Brimelow just published my VDARE Katrina update, “Revising Katrina for the Age of Obama.”]

By Nicholas Stix

At the New Orleans airport, the Shulicks were at first unable to retrieve their checked baggage, in which they had packed their children’s medication. The Shulicks allege that in New Orleans, the United baggage agent, an African-American woman, from whom the Shulicks (who are Caucasian) sought baggage retrieval assistance, behaved in a discriminatory fashion toward Cherie Shulick, calling her a “honkey,” laughing at her and harassing the family, and refusing to help locate their baggage. During this contretemps, the United baggage agent called a New Orleans Police officer to support her in confronting Cherie Shulick. While this was occurring, David Shulick was videotaping his wife’s encounter with the baggage agent (Mr. Shulick later sent the videotape to United’s corporate headquarters, demanding that the New Orleans baggage employee be terminated or, at least, formally reprimanded).1 Ultimately, a porter at the New Orleans airport helped the Shulicks retrieve their checked baggage. The Shulicks then rented a car at the airport, drove into the city, and stayed overnight at a hotel.

FN1 The Shulicks further allege that they were told by a Transportation Security Administration employee and a USAir employee in the New Orleans airport that the United baggage agent in question had a history of discriminatory conduct towards Caucasian customers.

Even though the litigant, David Shulick, is a high-powered lawyer, the court still dismissed his suit. In today’s Jim Snow, increasingly, all whites are simply niggers.

From Elie Mystal, “Lawsuit of the Day: Nightmare Vacation for Rich ‘Honkeys,’” February 6, 2012, 6:13 p.m.

Mystal commented,

“Honestly, I don’t even think the airline industry sees ‘color,’ all they see are powerless people who can be f***ed.”

I responded at Mystal’s blog,

“Honestly”; no.

Elie, you get the Racial Non Sequitur of the Day Award.

I’m trying to imagine you responding the same way to a black woman complaining about white baggage agent calling her a “n**ger”… No, I can’t imagine it.

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Anonymous said...

If you tell a white liberal about this incident, he'll say:

"Oh, I think the Shulicks were jsut upset about the delays. I don't think there was anything to it."

David In TN