Monday, February 06, 2012

Jason Pierre-Paul, His Father, and Al Michaels: Yet Another Anonymous Lefty Lies, and I Waste Time Proving He Lied

By Nicholas Stix

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Anonymous said...

Read a story about this father. His native language IS French. Michaels always does his homework. You, on the other hand, are just a cheap shot artist.
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2012 1:23:00 AM EST

What is it with you lefties? Must you always lie? And you call me “a cheap-shot artist?”

Unless there is some extraordinary state of affairs involved, no one who is born and raised in Haiti speaks French as a first language. That is so elementary. The first law of lying is plausibility.

So, like a fool, I go and search for something about Pierre-Paul’s father’s first language. All there is, is some people quoting Al Michaels, and others trying to sound knowledgeable by stealing his mistaken line, and acting as if they “knew” it.

Here is an interview of Pierre-Paul’s father speaking—drum roll—Haitian Creole.

I have to just start ignoring these jackwagons. After all, if I assume that every one of them is lying, how often am I going to be mistaken: Once in a thousand cases? And that’s probably being overly generous. Compare that to the opportunity costs of checking out the other 999 lies.

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Anonymous said...

i was instantly heated because i know damn well his daddy doesnt speak Creole. Al Micheals is an idiot and needs to do research.Im haitian from Lil Haiti(miami) and lives in the D.C area and so i had to let people know theres a difference in the language. yes creole is from French but we branched off and have our own language.Thank you for posting this because i said the same thing aas soon as i heard what Al Michaeals said. Native language of french get the >>>>> outta here!! smh keep up the great work.