Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thou Shalt Not Blaspheme the Diva: Fox Facebook Censor Deletes Less than Worshipful Memory of Whitney Houston


Houston in early 2005; 41 years old, but looking more like 60

By Nicholas Stix

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Whitney Houston Dead at 48: Racist Singer Found Submerged in Beverly Hills Hilton Bathtub Saturday; She Struggled for Years with Drug Addiction; Cause of Death Pending.”]


Houston reunited with husband Bobby Brown in 2003, after a separation; she has apparently just had one of her many catfights

One of my readers re-posted the following recollection of the dead singer.

This is how I remember Whitney Houston.

I was working with a club band back in the early 90's and the guitar player worked on a backline crew providing sound and monitors for a Whitney tour rehearsal. I was sitting side stage with him when the monitors started feeding back. She grabbed her mic and slung it at his head from about 30 feet away. Clocked him right out and gave him 10 stitches. The other sound guys started heading her way and her "people" got her off stage. Her Management was quick to offer monetary payoff not to sue and report it. She may have been an icon in her genre but pure diva all the way.... This was after getting with Bobby Brown. People who worked production for her before said she was an angel to work with "Pre-Bobby."


Circa 2011, with hair extensions

[N.S.: I clicked on the link, and found a page commemorating Houston’s life and work. The above-quoted passage had been re-posted by “panzade,” following the introduction below.]


Sun 12 Feb, 2012 01:31 pm

You're absolutely correct izzy, though a friend of mine posted an experience he had with her Divainess 20 years ago that shows she had already begun to show her quirky side. [N.S.: Comment from the top followed.]

Sun 12 Feb, 2012 01:39 pm
izzythepush wrote:

“It's a shame, let's hope she's remembered for her voice.”

hawkeye10 responded,

Being remembered as a cautionary tale of where drugs+self indulgence can lead would be a much better outcome. I have to side with the Christians in the grave who if here would claim that her behavior was an insult to God, her waste of her talent through self indulgence and sin deserving to be condemned loudly and clearly.


"Whitney Houston with Clive Davis Circa 1970." Mistake by ABC News February 13, 2012; pic was more likely, circa 1980. This pic and the one that follows it are the only ones I could find in which Houston looked both attractive and like a real human being, instead of like a plastic mannequin in a wig who had benefited from hours of makeup work, soft focus photography, retouching, airbrushing, and photographic skin lightening. I realize that this was a variation on Hollywood-style treatment, but in her case, it was taken to extremes that not even Hollywood had ever seen. Her fans and the media need to stop promoting the myth whereby she was a stunning beauty. She was a nice-looking girl before she got into drugs; no more, and no less.
* * *

A google search showed that the comment had originally been posted on the Facebook page of the Tampa Bay Fox affiliate, whose censors had since deleted it. The Facebook was initially deluged with comments, but when I checked it, 96 hours after it started posting comments, it had only 50.

Only 50 comments in 96 hours, at a Fox Facebook page? How many comments did they delete?


As a high school senior, 1981



Baloo said...

Great post! I've linked it on the Ex-Army site, with comments about Christ Christie's bowing and scraping.

Brian Del Piano said...

coYou know, I wasn't sure (I still am not 100% sure) of what your blog was really about. I came across this post on Whitney Houston. Ms. Houston's funeral is today, and I was looking for some photo's to post on my Facebook page. I ready your post. I have to say, I agree with you. I realize that no one's life is perfect. I remember the "Pre-Bobby" Whitney. The one who glowed on stage. The one who could hit all of her notes. The one that shined, and genuinely smiled on stage. This is the Whitney Houston that I will miss.