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Keith Little Didn’t Like His Supervisor, Roosevelt Brockington Jr., So He Stabbed Him to Death; and It Wasn’t the First Time

Murder victim Roosevelt Brockington Jr., 40, never knew who killed him

By Nicholas Stix

Keith Little’s a dangerous guy to have around at work. Supervisors keep dying around him.

I’ve hated most of my supervisors, but I never considered killing any of them. Well, there was… let’s not go there.

Serial killer Keith D. Little


In 2003, Little beat the rap for a previous workplace death, but had more difficulty getting around the 70 stab wounds he gave to his supervisor last year.

I only know that Little beat the previous rap in 2003, thanks to a WJLA reader. A little digging turned up that that was also a maintenance job, and that the dead guy was also Little’s supervisor, but that the deceased was killed by someone who shot him six times.

Apparently, Little set up the New Year’s Day murder to look like a robbery, donning a mask and gloves, and sneaking up on his supervisor, a heating air conditioning engineer, while the latter was in the boiler room talking on the phone to a lady from his church. The lady heard the killer demand the victim’s money, say “Is that all you have?,” and then heard the victim “holler three times,” and believed that he was stabbed three times. Actually, Little stabbed Brockington 70 times, but after crying out from the first three wounds, Brockington either lost consciousness or died, as Little continued flailing away. Little left the knife in Brockington’s back.

Unrobber-like behavior, to say the least. The mugger’s union should have protested that someone was dragging their good name through the mud.

Little almost walked on this one, too, after the judge threw out the only incriminating evidence the state had, and forbade the prosecution from mentioning his previous murder trial. And rightfully so, in the latter case, as to permit such testimony would have been prejudicial. But I’m not in a court room right now, and so I’m going to go out on a limb and call Keith D. Little a serial killer.

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WJLA does not want to talk about this guy. The DC-area TV station ran an 88-word story on Little’s conviction, and a 40-word item on his being up for sentencing that doesn’t even tell you when he’s scheduled to be sentenced. It’s today. It’s as if the news director said, ‘Alright, guys, we can’t not mention this guy, but let’s keep it as short and sweet as possible. That’s all we need is another story about a black man convicted of murder.’

Real journalists would be all over this story, asking:

• What is Little’s complete criminal history?

• Who was the first person Little was alleged to have murdered?

• Was that the murder he was acquitted of in 2003, or were there others?

• Where, when, and how was the previous murder carried out?

• Was Little formally charged in the previous murder, or did the authorities decline to prosecute him?

• How did Little get the job that gave him the opportunity to murder Roosevelt Brockington Jr.?

• What does Brockington’s family have to say about Little’s hiring, and do they plan to sue the hospital for failure to exercise due diligence in screening Little?

I used to read that hotheads who get sent up for long stretches when they are 19,20 years old, cool off by the time they hit 45 or 50, but I am now increasingly reading of middle-aged black men like Keith Little, who haven’t cooled off.

WJLA readers are notorious for their poor commentary, but there were some interesting comments following Little’s conviction in December.

Dec 14, 2011 - 07:26:11 PM
This isn't about RACE!!!! This is about a violent man who has an out of control temper. That fact that he is black shouldn't have any bearing on this. I hope he gets life without parole.
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Dec 15, 2011 - 11:59:22 AM
Only BLACK people say stuff like that: "This isn't about RACE!!!! " To "them" it's always about race. That's why our ancestors were brought here. But you are right Fantasy Island was a great Fantasy and so is "This isn't about RACE!!!!". Tell that to the jury!!! See how many convictions you'll get.
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Dec 14, 2011 - 09:37:54 PM
Sure it has to do with race because blacks are always making excuses of how they suffer at poverty, lack of sense, broken fire hydrants - anything as an excuse for them committing a crime of some sorts.
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o Lizzy
Dec 15, 2011 - 01:59:07 AM
How come we never comment when the offender is white? Rarely is the offender white, but why should we? We're not the ones with the problems. There is a dozen or so incidents involving blacks every day on WJLA and other websites. And when a white person is the offender, you are always jumping it like white on rice. And why is that? Because you don't get that much of a chance, that's why. And for Pauly to use his "same goes for the whites and all other races." I go back to what I stated earlier. Blacks are the biggest offenders in any crime. They make up more than half of the prison population but make up only 12 to 13% of the population. That in itself speaks volumes. Another issue is that PG County, Baltimore and DC are close to hitting 400 murders this year. Northern Virginia, which has more people than those areas, doesn't even hit 40 in a year. Now who's the idiot? Don't you wished you had never posted?
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o DC
Dec 15, 2011 - 02:59:50 AM
I hate to say it, Liz - but the poster has a point about the race card being played a lot with the African American community - the race card gets played so much that the white race is now reversely discriminated against because people who get jobs like the one accused of killing a co worker get it over a qualified individual and it is often I'm sorry to say that the person like this guy isn't necessarily hired because of his qualifications - I worked at a job where they preferred to hire an African American male who was terminated for lying about a drug conviction and they hired him back after HR terminating him and the white individual who was just as qualified and had above average reviews etc was not hired back. Companies end up hiring them over the qualified individual because they think the African American will launch a discrimination case if they don't. Just my opinion.
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good point
Dec 15, 2011 - 06:02:18 AM
I wish this guy was my co worker a few years ago , we had a problem that he could solve
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Keith Little convicted of first degree murder
December 14, 2011, 4:48 p.m.

A Suburban Hospital worker who went on trial for allegedly stabbing his supervisor more than 70 times on New Year's Day after receiving a bad performance review was found guilty of first degree murder.

Keith D. Little, 49, of Lanham, Md., was accused of killing 40-year-old Roosevelt Brockington Jr. It is the second time Little has been accused of killing a co-worker.

Brockington had recently given Little a poor performance review that would deny him a raise, police said.

Investigators believe that was the motive for the attack.

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Keith Little, man convicted in Roosevelt Brockington Jr.'s death, to be sentenced
February 8, 2012, 6:13 a.m.

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) - A hospital employee convicted in the stabbing death of his supervisor at Suburban Hospital in Montgomery County is scheduled to be sentenced.

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