Thursday, February 09, 2012

Philadelphia: Preliminary Hearing Set for Kevin Kless Hate Crime Murder Suspects


Murder victim Kevin Kless, 23


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By David in TN

A date of April 4 has been set for a preliminary hearing for the three suspects in the murder of recent Temple University graduate Kevin Kless. Defendants Steven Ferguson, Kenneth Santiago, and Felix Carrillo are being held without bail.


Suspect Felix Carillo, 23


Judge Teresa Carr Deni turned down a request for bail by Carrillo’s attorney, who noted that 15 relatives came to court to support the defendant, who was not present.

“This is hard for us, it’s hard to accept because that’s not him,” Carrillo’s father said after the hearing. “I’m just shocked.”


Suspect Kenneth Santiago, 19


Suspect Steven Ferguson, 20

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i hope these scumbags rott in prison for the next 30 years being raped in the ass repeatedly. They deserve no less taking that boys life. Bon Voyage losers nice way to throw your lives away.