Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Man in Seattle Reports an Explosion in Crime in Black Areas and Bus Routes, Accompanied by a Spike in Non-Reporting by Victims

By “BR”

Crime is up in Seattle--especially in the “Rainier Valley” and the “southern parts of Seattle.”

Of course they don't mention demographics but this is the black part of town—although other minorities are also present. Judging by the names at some of the recent nightclub shootings, at least some of those involved sound black as well.

Recently, statistics came out showing most bus crime occurred on three routes—all through bad neighborhoods of course. Note number two is the Rainier Valley route, while I believe the north Seattle route runs down Aurora—a street with cheap motels, prostitution, and drug dealing. Federal Way is also a bad area with minorities. (Federal Way is where racist, savage, future Lululemon murderer, Brittany Norwood grew up.)

According to one Rainier Valley robbery victim, 29 of 32 neighbors he talked to said they had been victims of crime—so he concludes that much crime is unreported, and thus so much worse than we are told.

Of course, the local media is more interested in hiding the truth than revealing it, except for when gangs are involved.

[From WEJB/NSU’s Seattle files:

“De-Policing in America’s Cities: Erasing the ‘Thin Blue Line’” ;

“Kristopher Kime, James Paroline, and Edward Scott McMichael: Three Race Murders in Seattle”;

“Race Hustler Alert at Wikipedia! Someone Has been Making Mischief Regarding Maurice Clemmons’ Lakewood Massacre”;

“Seattle: Diversity Trainers Wage War on Policing”;

“Ex-Cons May Gain Affirmative Action Status in Madhouse Seattle”;

“Seattle's Meanest Streets (Updated!)”;

“Seattle Cop Rails Against Affirmative Action Policing”;

“Seattle: Baby-Faced ‘Tuba Man’ Killer, Billy Chambers, Strikes Again”;

“Stone Killer Billy Chambers, Who Murdered Seattle’s Beloved ‘Tuba Man,’ Edward McMichael, is Undercharged Yet Again in His Newest Alleged Crime”;

“War on Competent, White, Male, King County, WA Prosecutor James Konat Continues Apace: NAACP Demands His Dismissal, and He is Removed from Two Murder Cases”;

“Is It Possible for Blacks to Have a Good Time Without Bloodshed? Seattle Reader Asks if ‘Bite of Seattle’ Festival Could Become Blood of Seattle”;

“A Riot in San Francisco, with More to Come! Cop Shoots Innocent Black Honor Student (from Seattle), Kenneth Wade Harding, 19, in the Back; the Brothers are (as Always) on War Footing”;

“Seattle Blacks Believe That They Can Resist Arrest, and Aid and Abet Those Resisting Arrest with Impunity Against White Policemen…”;

“Billy Chambers, Racist Killer of Seattle’s Beloved ‘Tuba Man,’ Edward McMichael, Pleads Guilty, Gets Minimal Sentence, in Attempted Murder of Witness”;

“One of Tuba Man’s Killers Goes to the Big House, but for a Mere 22 Months for Attempted Murder”;

“For Alleged Reporter Levi Pulkinnen at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, There are No Black Murderers of Whites, Only ‘Accused’ Ones”;

“AOL/Huffington Post and AP Manage the Black Air Jordan Riots Story”;

“Seattle: Since Blacks Support Black Criminals, City Needs Surveillance Cameras Everywhere”;

“Seattle: Nameless, Faceless, Raceless Suspect Arrested for Murder of Faceless, Raceless Victim in Belltown”;

“Belltown Murder: Still Raceless and Faceless in Seattle”;

“Cause and Effect? Seattle Reader Writes on Military Academy Diversity and Rape, and the Seattle Air Jordan Riots”;

“Seattle’s Good Nazis Watch Racist Black Mob Attack Couple for 4 Minutes, Without So Much as Calling 911; Racist Blacks Perform for Bus Cameras”;

“Seattle: The Raymel J. Curry Story”;

“WA Wants to Solve Crime by ‘Disappearing’ Videos; ‘Security’ Wants to Watch; Violent, Career Felon, Aiesha Stewart-Baker, 15, Wants Ghetto Lottery”;

“Seattle: Blacks Account for 7.7% of Residents, Yet They Seem to Have Taken the Entire City Prisoner”; and

“Seattle Police Have Pushed Down the Crime Rate—Through Discouraging Victims from Reporting Crimes!”]

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