Wednesday, February 29, 2012

“Journalist” Piers Morgan is as Fraudulent as Opinion Pollsters on Gay Marriage: They Fake Support for Their Side

By Nicholas Stix

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU on this story:

“No to Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is Good for Something.”]

Eight days ago, I wrote of Piers Morgan’s hopeless attempt to browbeat Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie into supporting same-sex marriage.

Morgan acted as if because seven states—initially illegally, through judges—
Have permitted seam-sex marriage, the other 43 were somehow obliged, in the spirit of “democracy,” to submit to them. Never mind, that every single time a state electorate has had a chance to vote on the matter, it has decisively rejected this abomination: 31-0!

Pollsters keep telling us that the people support gay marriage. The pollsters are liars, who are trying to manufacture a fraudulent consensus, in order to steamroll voters.

Morgan is doing the same thing, in his own little way, by censoring reader comments, in order to make it look as though his readers overwhelmingly supported same-sex marriage. Thus, he has posted only six comments, five of them in support of same-sex marriage, including one form a man claiming to be a Catholic Republican.

And since Morgan permits vicious personal attacks on Chris Christie, he can’t possibly say that he’s censoring comments based on their consisting of personal attacks or bad taste.

A politician who undermines his legislation and the people who voted said legislatures in to office – Grade A Politician, honey. Vetoing a bill is to prevent harm to the people, because the bill could potentially prove to be detrimental to the public. When is two people who are in love and want to have that recognized locally and federally a safety issue? I think Christie should be more concerned with childhood obesity to really get to the root of his underlying problem. He is, and always will be just a fat kid.

And from someone calling himself Shane:

1. Shane

It's always been my view and position that you should lose weight. So you veto a bill just because you care only about your opinion?? BREAKING NEWS: IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR POSITION....

February 20, 2012 at 8:10 p.m.

To which I replied, on February 21,

To Shane and any homosexuals reading this:


By the way, those polls are cooked. The gay lobby always says that the people support same-sex marriage, and yet, every time the people have voted on it, they have said, “No!” Normalcy 31, Perversion 0.

It’s strictly moral, nothing personal.

By the way, if homosexuals have the moral high ground, why do they behave like a bunch of Nazis?

I didn’t expect Morgan to post my comment, and he didn’t. Since he posted six, and his site says there were eight, that means that he officially censored two, but that doesn’t mean he only got eight comments. And you can bet your sweet life that all of the comments he censored were in opposition to same-sex marriage. He did, however, respect the First Law of Lying, plausibility, in posting one comment opposed to same-sex marriage. So, he’s not a complete idiot, he’s just your standard, vicious MSM operative.

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