Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jayna Murray Murder on ID Channel Sunday Night


Murder victim Jayna Murray
By David in TN

The Investigative Discovery Channel’s On the Case with Paula Zahn has an episode on the Jayna Murray murder tonight at 10 p.m. ET. It is repeated at 1 a.m. ET.

The family of remorseless murderer Brittany Norwood is asking for a life sentence with the chance of parole

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU, on the Jayna Murray murder:

“Bethesda Cops: Black Yoga Store Worker Murdered White Colleague, Made Up Story about Masked Rapist-Killers, in Order to Avoid Jail for Thefts”;

“Black Bethesda Yoga Store Worker Brittany Norwood is Charged with Killing Her White Colleague, Jayna Murray: Five Videos”;

“Trial Date Set For Britanny Norwood, in Non-Hate Crime Murder in Bethesda, Maryland, lululemon athletica Store”;

“Reader Who Claims to Have Known Jayna Murray, Whose Killer Smashed Her Skull in for 20 Minutes in lululemon athletica, Has Compassion for the Killer, but None for Those Who Would Judge Her”;

“In Web Posts and Emails, Friends of Brittany Norwood, the Racist Lululemon Killer of Jayna Murray, Paint Mutually Contradictory Portraits of Norwood”;

“In 2007, Ex-Boyfriend Charged That Lululemon Murderer Brittany Norwood was Stalking Him”;

“Already in August, Lululemon Killer Brittany Norwood’s Lawyer was Playing the ‘Crazy Card’”;

“New Details in Grisly Lululemon Murder: Brittany Norwood Used at Least 4 Different Weapons to Kill Jayna Murray; Prosecutor: Crime was ‘Pre-Meditated’”;

Lululemon Trial of Brittany Norwood, for the Murder of Jayna Murray, Day 1: The Defense is Not Using the “Crazy Card,” but the “She Lost It Card”;

“The Desperate Struggle of Jayna Murray: Lululemon Murder Victim Tried to Escape, and was Alive Through Most of the Horrific Beating Brittany Norwood Inflicted on Her, Sustaining 322 Wounds (Washington Times)”;

“Lululemon Murder Trial, Day 2: A Bloody Video, in a Tear-Filled Courtroom”;

“The Lululemon Murder Trial, Day 3: The Apple Employees Who Heard the Murder, but Did Nothing”;

“Lululemon Trial: Is the ‘Crazy Card’ Off the Table for Jayna Murray’s Racist Killer, Brittany Norwood?”;

“Lululemon Trial: Rotten Apple; Computer Giant’s Employees Listened to the Murder Through a Shared Wall … and Listened … and Listened”;

“Lululemon Verdict in: Brittany Norwood Convicted of 1st-Degree Murder, for Killing Jayna Murray! Ice-Cold, Calculating Killer Faces Up to Life Until Parole”;

“Racist, Savage, Remorseless Killer Brittany Norwood Inflicted 322 Wounds on Jayna Murray, but Killer’s Family Says She Has ‘a Heart of Gold’”;

“The Murder of Jayna Murray: Killer Brittany Norwood’s Family, Friends, and Defense Attorneys Made Ludicrous Attempts to Justify Granting Her the Possibility of Parole”; and

“Washington Post's Melinda Henneberger Sympathizes with Lululemon Killer Brittany Norwood & Her Mother, While Ignoring Victim Jayna Murray and Her Mom.”]


Anonymous said...

I'll be watching, but what I have seen on that channel regards black on white crime, the black on white crime is down played and the matter is presented as if this is just another routine crime. Race, if it is mentioned, is only in passing.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the program. Nothing was said about Norwood's history of theft in prep school and college, only what a great girl she was. Nor anything about suspicion of her stealing when employed at another Lululemon store.

The standard tropes of "random attack" and "in the wrong place at the wrong time" wouldn't work here. So a friend of Norwood's was brought on to say it was "inexplicable" and "I can't understand it," or "snapped."

David In TN

Nicholas said...

Anonymous, Feb 19, 2012, 6:06 p.m.,

Absolutely. As far as they’re concerned, there are no racially-motivated, black-on-white crimes.

Nicholas said...


You beat me to it. The show was good at building up dramatic tension for people who had never heard about the crime, but completely suppressed the facts about Norwood’s background. Given the sort of things we’ve already heard from her old soccer teammates, having one teammate on to say the things she did was particularly egregious.

Brennan's said...

Can the documentary be viewed on line, I worked with Jayna at Halliburton and am based in Australia. I would love to view it. Thanks Leanne

Nicholas said...


Apparently not. the following link has many brief teaser videos, but nothing from last night's show. I twas a disappointment anyway. You're much better off reading the newspaper and TV news stories I re-posted her, and otherwise, google.

This is the second racially-motivated killing I've seen her shows handle (the Knoxville Horror), and she botched both.

Anonymous said...

The first few posters have it down exactly as shown. There was NO time taken to mention this Negro's record while a "student" and NO racial angle, either.

The one White female mentioned that Norwood "snapped". That little snap was years in the making.

Yea, right.

Annoyed In Illinois

Nicholas said...

“Snapped” has to join the black crime cliché dictionary. No matter how much premeditation was involved, he “snapped.” Other entries include, “[the victim] was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” it was a “random attack,” a “botched robbery” (even when nothing was taken), “the crime was not racially motivated” (even when a black targeted a white, and screamed racial epithets, before or during the crime), “senseless violence,” and “a possible gang initiation.” Those are all that occur to me offhand. Any other candidates?

Anonymous said...

When TV "presents" a white on black crime, that is the story.

When TV shows a black on white crime, the black "snapped." Race is downplayed in black on white crimes not only in crime stories, but in news and TV programs as well as newspapers, race isn't even mentioned unless the crime was committed by a white. Whites murder, but blacks snap.
In this crime story the savage murder of this white girl by Norwood was downplayed. Norwood actually stabbed or made over 330 wounds on Jayna's body. Criminologist say when a person is stabbed or wounded over and over in what is called overkill it's because of hatred of the murderer towards that victim. The murderer knows the victim, and I have heard that over and over in crime shows where this happened to the victim as it did in this case and with not nearly so many wounds as on Jayna. I never heard anyone in this show mention that, but I believe that is why the detectives so quickly did not believe Norwood. No one comes into an apparel store and spends that much time killing a victim they don't know just to rob the store and as a sideline assaults and rapes the other employee. It was a preposterous lie and what detective worth his salt would have believed her.

By the way the employees and security in an Apple store next door heard the murder as it was being carried out by Norwood, the noise and the victim pleading for help, and they chose, not only not to intervene they did not even make the easily done 911 call.
Maybe some of the comments to police from these employees in addition to Norwood claiming to be raped and doctors saying she was not probably help police figure the crime out.

Anonymous said...


Regarding the black crime cliche dictionary, a couple more are "there's more to this story" and "that girl was messing where she shouldn't have been messing." These are used when a white women is raped and murdered.

Early on, these two and variations of were seen in comments to news stories about the Eve Carson and Anne Pressly murders. The victim is supposed to have done something to get herself murdered.

David In TN

Serious Jest said...

I was actually a pretty successful criminal defense attorney, and if you think that "snapped" is reserved for Black defendants, you're just plain ignorant. If you're going to use this forum to vent your general racial hatred, go ahead...under an anonymous tag, in a cowardly way. But please don't spread what we in the Marines called "sea lawyer stories" about "tropes" that you know about because you heard them on the legal shows you regularly watch. *Note: this is obviously not directed at just one person...there are a few ignorant comments by different people, so just addressing ignorance generally. P.S. Before you ask in some kind of wannabe-insulting reply post, no, I'm not Black.

Anonymous said...

@ Serious Jest thank you for your post!