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Multicultural Policing: The Metamorphosis of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Felony Assault under Color of Authority into a Non-Crime (Updated)

By Nicholas Stix
July 27, 2005
Men’s News Daily
(Originally published as “Multicultural Policing.”)

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In New York City on July 22, 31-year-old Bernard Marti was arrested and charged with shooting a 23-year-old patron in the thigh at Cordato’s Restaurant in Greenwich Village. According to police reports, Marti and the patron had reportedly been arguing over which Spanish-speaking country was superior. The victim knocked over Marti’s beer, apologized, ordered him another one, and then slapped that one away, spilling it all over Marti. Marti then pulled his gun, the victim sought to slap it away, Marti shot the younger man, and fled the premises for his car. Witnesses pointed out Marti to nearby police.

Bernard Marti is a community affairs officer in the NYPD’s 25th Precinct in Harlem. Marti told police that he was an officer, thinking they would let him go, but they arrested him, anyway. Marti’s colleagues at the multicultural precinct said he was a swell guy. Police officers posting to an NYPD message board said that it was crazy to go out for a drink wearing one’s weapon, but they were obviously racists who failed to understand Latin police culture.

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Sentencing in Off-Duty Cop Shooting
By Jen Chung
November 16, 2006

A story proving that even police officers are too grabby with their guns. Last year, off-duty police officer Bernard Marti got into an argument with Victor Mendoza at Financial District pizza restaurant Cordato's. Apparently, Mendoza knocked over Marti's beer, so Marti took out his service revolver. Mendoza pushed it away and then Marti "accidentally" shot Mendoza in the thigh. Marti ran to his car, only to be caught by police officers doing homeless outreach work. [N.S.: Link no longer works; I think the writer was being sardonic.]

The Post reports that now Marti must pay for Mendoza's hospital bills and the misdemeanor assault charges against him will be dropped. Marti, who was suspended after the incident, is now retired from the NYPD.

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