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Orlando: Hasidim Riot, Yet Again, over Nike Sneakers; Riot Cops Show that Unyielding Force is All that Those Bearded Jews Understand!


Nike Galaxy Foamposites: Would you kill for a pair of these sneakers?(Photo: davidme00/flickr)

By Nicholas Stix

Riot erupts at Florida Mall during Nike All Star collection sneaker release event:

Cops in riot gear break up Orlando shoe riot
Updated 1:12 a.m., Friday, February 24, 2012

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — More than 100 sheriff's deputies in riot gear broke up an out-of-control crowd waiting to buy a new Nike basketball shoe at a mall.

Authorities say there were no injuries or arrests outside the Florida Mall late Thursday. The crowd began getting unruly as hundreds packed the parking lot, waiting to buy the $220, limited-edition shoe that was timed to be released during the NBA All-Star Game in Orlando.

Police also arrested one person in a crowd in Maryland waiting for the shoe's release. The disturbances follow a series of outbursts across the country in December as impatient [N.S.: Hasidic] shoppers lined up for another new basketball shoe from Nike Inc.

The Orlando Sentinel ( ) reported the crowd was asked to wait across the street when the mall closed. But one person ran toward Foot Locker and others followed. Authorities formed a line and used shields to push back the crowd.

"I saw hundreds of people running toward me. I thought I was going to get trampled," Amanda Charles, 20, told the newspaper. Charles [sic] who [sic] was among a group of a half-dozen friends who drove more than two hours from Jacksonville to try to buy the glow-in-the-dark Nikes.

At a mall in Hyattsville, Md., police said Friday they arrested one person for disorderly conduct as a crowd of more than 100 awaited the shoe's release.

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Nike Foamposite Galaxy release canceled
By John Gonzalez
February 24, 2012, 5:08 a.m.

After hours of waiting in line, hundreds of people who camped outside of The Mall at Prince George's Friday morning for Nike’s newest Foamposite sneakers were told the release was canceled.

The "Galaxy" Foamposites are listed at $220. (Photo: davidme00/flickr)
In the early-morning hours, police announced that Friday’s release of the Nike Foamposite Galaxy shoe was canceled due to safety concerns with the huge crowd.

Officers say another release date would be announced at a later time.

Despite the news of the cancellation, long lines remained outside the mall, waiting for the chance to purchase the shoes.

ABC7's Brianne Carter observed the crowds growing larger and more impatient as the hours ticked by. A man was reportedly detained and cited for disorderly conduct.

The price is listed at $220; however, the coveted kicks are reportedly being sold on Ebay and Craigslist for as high as $2,400.

Urban apparel store DTLR said via Twitter that they will have the Galaxy Foams on Saturday at their Minnesota Avenue, D.C. and Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore locations. Both stores are set to open at 8 a.m.

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