Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Outing a Lefty Hack: “Reporter” Who Supports “Outing” His Homosexual Political Enemies Badgers Andrew Breitbart

By Nicholas Stix

Note that the gay guy pestering Breitbart is what passes for a “reporter” these days, and this is the way they routinely act about … everything. Before their—and I’m referring not just to homosexualists, but to members of the entire spectrum of the racial socialist alliance—work appears in print, or is broadcast, it is typically edited, so that this stuff doesn’t appear, though they and their editors have gotten increasingly lax over the past 20 or so years.


Thanks to patriotupdatereport.

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“In Fort Worth, Aggressively Homosexualist Teacher, Administrators Punish Boy for Whispered Opposition to Homosexuality”;

“Illinois’ Elmhurst College to Normal Students: You are Unwelcome, and Will be Disadvantaged Here”;

“‘Tammy’: Pre-Pubescent, 11-Year-Old Berkeley, CA Boy, Thomas Lobel, Wants to Chemically Stop Puberty, Get Himself Sexually Butchered, and ‘Changed’ into a ‘Girl’; His Lesbian ‘Parents’ Wholeheartedly Support His ‘Decision’”;

“CDC: We Must Spent Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Annually Vaccinating All Pre-Pubescent Boys Against HPV, in Order to Protect Future Homosexuals and Girls Who Will Later Have Sex with Bisexual Men from Rare Cancers Affecting Perhaps Two Out of 1,000 People!”;

“Militant Homosexuals Have Taken Over the Colorado Girl Scouts, and Permitted a Delusional, Abused, 7-Year-Old Boy to Join”;

“Gay Nazis Depict Minneapolis Archdiocese as Intolerant for Not Permitting ‘Open Dialogue’ on 2012 Vote on Constitutional Amendment Outlawing Same-Sex Marriage, While Themselves Forbidding Dialogue”;

“Houston: Two 10-Year-Old Boys from a Black Public School are Charged with Repeatedly Sodomizing an 8-Year-Old Boy on a School Bus”;

“Left-Wing ‘Scientists’ Find, Yet Again, That Anyone to Their Right is a Retarded Nazi”; and

“‘Journalist’ Piers Morgan Tries to Bully N.J. Gov. Chris Christie into Supporting Same-Sex Marriage.”]


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Anonymous said...

The AP, UPI, et al have gotten increasingly lax over the years. Have you noticed the number of typos and just bad writing that appear in all media these days? And that dude seemed to have AIDS related dementia.