Saturday, February 11, 2012

Field of Dreams: The Score, and How It was Composed

(Readers, take heed: Download these musical passages, while you can. A link I had previously posted became unusable when NBC Universal ordered Youtube to kill the hosting link, based on the former's copyright claim. That is why there is no longer a video or link to the first musical passage, "In the Cornfield," which is the story's dramatic pivot. The same claim applies to every other passage from the score, as well. Thus, these new links could be rendered inoperable at any time.)

Postscript, March 6, 2012: You can hear the opening of the “In the Cornfield” motif, if you go down to the last video, of the Horner-Robinson conversation, and skip to 3:00. Horner spends the first few seconds setting up the motif, and then plays it.

Two: Deciding to Build the Field

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Six: The Drive Home

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Seven: Main Theme, on Acoustic Guitar (What Horner Called “The Irish Theme”)

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Scoring Field of Dreams: A Conversation between Composer James Horner and Director Phil Alden Robinson

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Soundtrack Suite (added on April 19, 2012)

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Field of Dreams is one of the two most emotionally overwhelming pictures I’ve ever seen; the other is Terms of Endearment. (P.S. November 17, 2013: Make that four, including Big Fish and The Best Years of Our Lives.)

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