Monday, February 13, 2012

Jamie Satterfield Live Chat on the Baumgartner Affair and the Knoxville Horror

By David in TN

Knoxville News Sentinelreporter Jamie Satterfield had a live chat on Monday concerning the Baumgartner Affair.

Some highlights:

The disgraced judge has been socializing around town as if he has no worries. Satterfield passed out once during a Knoxville Horror trial. This had never happened to her before.

Baumgartner used the Christian-Newsom trials as a bargaining point. He refused to step down without a plea deal that left him with his pension. The Christian-Newsom trials drove everything, from protection of the judge to his plea deal.

There is a rumor that one of the defense attorneys wants to recuse the Knox County DA’s office. The federal prosecutors wish they had kept the case. They had tried Eric Boyd for assisting Davidson. They regret deferring to Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols. The U.S. Attorney could presumably have tried the entire case because of the carjacking, making it a federal offense.

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Anonymous said...

It has occured to me that if the MSM now gives any attention to this story the hook will be Baumgartner's sleazy, arrogant, and corrupt behavior. The murders of Channon and Chris (without which Baumgartner would still be on the bench) will be overlooked as much as possible.

David In TN