Saturday, February 11, 2012

COMBAT! Season 1, Episode16: “The Volunteer” (1963) (Complete, High-Quality Video!)



When my longtime reader, jeigheff, wrote that this complete episode was available at Youtube, and I started her up, and she was in pristine condition—I haven’t had time to watch more than the first four minutes—it brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to watch it with my boy!

Thanks so much to GR160289 for the upload, and to jeigheff, for the heads-up.

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jeigheff said...

Hi Nicholas,

I wouldn't have found "The Volunteer" on Youtube without your recommendation!


Anonymous said...

I just checked and quite a few "Combat" episodes are on youtube. The favorite of many fans is "Hills Are For Heroes" from the fourth season. This one is apparently on youtube if you can get it in sequence. It is a two-parter directed by Vic Morrow with a larger budget than usual.

My three favorites are "Anatomy of a Patrol," "Bridgehead," and "Glory Among Men," all from the second season. The first has James Caan as a German sergeant matching wits with Vic Morrow. "Bridgehead has Nick Adams as a reluctant soldier. I think only parts of these three are on youtube, but the two DVDs for the second season (the best) are on Amazon.

David In TN