Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The New York Times: Hollywood is Insufficiently PC!

By Nicholas Stix

“Race-Obsessed and Fanatical About Sniffing Out Oppression Wherever It Does Not Exist, the Mad-Dog Diversity Enforcers of 42nd Street Spit on the Oscars with a Vehemence Extreme Even for Them”

That’s the newest headline at Crimes of the Times, a blog devoted to “Exposing the Criminal Liberal Bias of America’s Newspaper of Record.”

Citing Salon, of all places, Crimes blogger Artur speaks of the middle-aged and older white men who dominate Hollywood:

The Academy Awards emanate from a closed universe of movie industry insiders, who are overwhelmingly rich white guys over age 50 (in the real world, one of the demographic groups least likely to go see movies in the theater).

True, but all whites increasingly avoid movie theaters. Just the other day, a non-white immigrant friend pointed out to me that blacks have made movie theaters no-go zones over much of the country. I figured that my friend was referring to all of the vicious, racist assaults of white patrons. But no, it’s more basic even than that, covering stuff like blacks shoving whites in line, while waiting for tickets or snacks, and of course, shouting their heads off during the picture.

At some point, theater operators stopped enforcing basic manners, where blacks are concerned. And influential blacks, like writer Esther Iverem, responded over 20 years ago to their own “brothers’” and “sisters’” uncivilized behavior by going to movie theaters in white areas—and then venting their spleens against whites!

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