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“My Big Boobies” Made Me Do It! Florida DUI Suspect Maureen Raymond Insists That Her Massive Mammaries Made Her Fail Sobriety Test


Maureen Raymond/Martin County Sheriff

Big Boobs Blamed for Bad DUI Test Performance
Woman says large breasts affected sobriety test balance: Report
By Brian Hamacher
Friday, Feb 3, 2012
Updated 12:53 p.m. EST
NBC 6 Miami

A Port St. Lucie woman facing DUI charges told arresting officers her "big boobies" were to blame for her inability to perform sobriety tests, according to an arrest report.

Maureen Jane Raymond, 49, was arrested in Jensen Beach on Jan. 29 after she was stopped by cops who responded to a reckless vehicle call, according to the Martin County Sheriff's Office report.

According to the report, a deputy saw Raymond driving over 50 mph in a 35 mph zone in her grey Camry and crossing over the double yellow line twice before parking in two spots at a Walgreen's.

The deputy smelled an odor of alcohol on Raymond and noticed she had slurred speech, glassy eyes and staggered when she walked, the report said.

According to the report, Raymond started drinking out of a glass, telling the deputy it was tea. A second glass found in the car smelled like an alcoholic beverage, the deputy wrote in the report.

Raymond was asked to get out of the car for tests and she started to give her top heavy excuse.

"When I told her we were going to do some roadside tasks she told me that I needed to understand that she is big chested and if I asked her to close her eyes and balance she is not going to balance well," the deputy wrote. "She told me 'big breast you don't balance well.'"

Asked if she had any injuries, Raymond replied she had big breasts and whiplash, the report said.

The report said Raymond had a hard time following directions and that when she was asked to walk a straight line, she began to dance.

"When I told her she had to keep her hands at her side she stated hell no not with these. Telling me again she can't do it, not with her big boobies," the deputy wrote, adding Raymond "began to take her clothes off to show me her breast and I stopped her."

Raymond was asked to count and "she seemed to sing the numbers while counting," the report said.

The deputy arrested Raymond for DUI, and she was taken to the station for a breath test.

But before the breath test, Raymond insisted she pray, the report said.

"She told me she was praying and that I need to relax because she is praying and God is first," the deputy wrote.

Raymond wasn't able to provide a valid breath sample, and was booked into jail, the report said. She was released on bond the next day.

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