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Racist, “Knockout King” Black Gang Attacks Spread to Ann Arbor, MI, but Don’t Worry; Media Cover-Up/Censorship is in Place; Mayor Says Police Staffing

Cuts Have Not Affected Patrol Coverage
By Nicholas Stix

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I lived with a girl from Ann Arbor. Actually, she was born in Brooklyn, in the fall of 1967, at the beginning of the black supremacist “community control” takeover of the city’s public schools. About the time she turned one, her parents pulled up stakes, so they could maintain their liberal delusions, while living in safety. (I don’t mean to sound mean about them; I loved her parents.)

And I loved Ann Arbor, which we visited once or twice a year. It was so quiet. I slept poorly at our place in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, but on her parent’s secluded street, I slept like a baby. And safe.

Ann Arbor was one of the most politically correct university towns in America, but that didn’t affect me during our visits.

(After she left me, she married a communist academic, and they fled New York for the Pacific Northwest, so they could maintain their leftwing delusions, while living in safety.)

* * *

Student attacked on East University taken to hospital after being knocked unconscious
By Ben Freed
Ann Arbor News
July 17, 2011
70 Comments [N.S.: 22 of which were deleted by the house censors.]

A student was taken to the University of Michigan hospital early Sunday after he was attacked by a group of five males, the U-M Department of Public Safety reported. [Actually, DPS reported that it was a group of five black males.]

The attack happened about 2:30 a.m. on East University Street near Hill Street, according to DPS.

Five men jumped out of a silver sedan and approached the student, who was walking with a companion. One of the men punched the student, who was knocked unconscious when he hit his head on the ground.

Ann Arbor police responded to the scene, and the student was hospitalized. As of Sunday afternoon, the victim had not yet been interviewed by police. No further description of the attackers was available.

Ben Freed is a summer intern at AnnArbor.com. You can reach him by email at benfreed@annarbor.com or by phone at (734)-623-4674. Follow him on Twitter @BFreedInA2

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