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Detroit: Was Delric Miller IV Murdered Over a Seat at a Baby Shower?; Are Genocidal Black Supremacist Malik Zulu Shabazz and the Nation of Islam

Murder Cult Angling to Take Over City?

Murder victim Delric Miller IV

By Nicholas Stix

He was a baby. He didn’t ask to be here. And he damn sure didn’t ask to be took like that! That’s bald! They raisin’ monsters out here. [N.S. Hours after the murder.]

Life is not valued in Detroit. It’s a war zone here. We need some ground troops patrolling these streets; they send them all overseas, but they need to be here. I just don't know what’s going on. People need to wake up. [Two or three days later.]

Delric’s grandmother, Cynthia Wilkins

Grieving father, Delric Miller III

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Detroit: Washington’s Birthday AK-47 Gang Shooting Claims Life of 9-Month-Old Delric Miller IV; Neighbors are Experts at Identifying Weapons by Sound of Gunfire; Chief Godbee: “Street Code”=No Help in Solving Crime; Grandmother: “They raisin’ monsters out here!”]

Delric’s mother, Diamond Salter, speaking to reporters

By Nicholas Stix

A baby is dead, and a murder cult is looking to turn his death to its advantage.

There’s a new theory as to why nine-month-old Delric Miller IV was cut down in a hail of 37-40 bullets fired from an AK-47 at 4:30 a.m. on Washington’s Birthday, while he slept on a couch. The new theory, held by Delric’s grandmother, Cynthia Wilkins posits that a woman who had not been able to find a chair at a baby shower, and who then broke up the joint, and followed Delric’s family outside, threatening them, ordered the murder.

I called the murder a gang shooting. After all, how many non-affiliated individuals in Detroit own Kalashnikovs? I don’t think you’re allowed to own one in the former Motor City, unless you can prove gang membership.

However, even if Cynthia Wilkins’ new theory proves correct, the killing was still gang-related. If the woman who couldn’t get a seat at the baby shower, and who then started wrecking the place ordered the hit, she did so because she is a member of a particularly murderous gang family, and based on that exalted status, feels that it is her prerogative to break up baby showers and order family members to fill houses full of lead, potentially murdering many people.

The Detroit News story below touts the organization, Detroit 300, as seeking to take back the streets from gang-bangers.

The shooting outraged both police and residents, and prompted the Detroit 300, a group of community activists fed up with crime, to knock on doors asking questions, in hopes of finding the killer or killers.

I hadn’t heard of the group, but I immediately smelled something rotten. Every time I hear of a Detroit “group of community activists fed up with crime,” the group, under whatever name or front, is led or co-led by Malik Zulu Shabazz or, as he now calls himself, “Minister Malik Shabazz.”

Sure enough, the Detroit 300 is officially co-led by Shabazz and Raphael B. Johnson. And that casts Detroit News writer George Hunter under suspicion as a Shabazz follower.

Raphael B. Johnson, 2010

Either the honorific “minister” is self-bestowed, like the “reverend” in “the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.,” or Shabazz is a minister of the Nation of Islam. Malik Zulu Shabazz is the leader of the genocidal, black supremacist, New Black Panther Party. He was leader Khalid Abdul Muhammad’s right-hand man, and inherited the group, when Muhammad died of a brain hemorrhage in 2001.

Muhammad had been the right-hand man of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, but found the murderous cult too timid for his tastes, and got himself thrown out.

The Detroit-area media also refer to Shabazz as the founder and head of the “Marcus Garvey Movement,” named after the Jamaican immigrant (1887-1940) who was the most popular, genocidal, black supremacist leader in American history.

As far as I can see, the Detroit chapter of the New Black Panther Party and the “Marcus Garvey Movement” are the same organization, with different names, in order to more easily cheat the taxman and fool the public, with the help of supportive “journalists.”

Shabazz is also a member of the Nation of Islam, though the MSM always manage to forget to mention that, too.

An anonymous, February 22 story in the Huffington Post refers to Raphael B. Johnson as the group’s leader. Since the story functions as a press release for the group, I doubt that the writer’s failure to mention Shabazz was due to ignorance.

Raphael B. Johnson is a convicted murderer who was at the center of a public commotion in 2010, when Detroit Mayor Dave Bing nominated him to the civilian Board of Police Commissioners of the Detroit Police Department. You don’t name murderers, even reformed ones, to a police oversight board. At least, Johnson had the good sense to withdraw his nomination.

At first, I didn’t know what to make of Johnson who, at the age of 17, shot another teenager to death at a party. Some guys go straight with a vengeance. But after a modest bit of research, I have plenty of concerns. Not only is he the son of a felon, but at the age of 12, he was expelled from public school in Detroit for carrying a gun. He emphasizes that he has no adult criminal record, but he is a member of the murderous NOI, though the MSM don’t seem to identify him as such, and most of the time he dresses for public affairs with a conventional necktie or an open-collared shirt. (In the interview below, he is in NOI uniform.)



However, Johnson’s association with Shabazz is for me an even bigger red flag than his history as a murderer.

My concern is that Johnson, who unsuccessfully ran for City Council in 2009, is a front man for Shabazz. Yes, in Detroit, a convicted murderer may serve as the front man, the “good cop,” for a genocidal black supremacist.

Johnson has cooperated with the DPD. When Shabazz was Khalid Muhammad’s right-hand man, Muhammad incited violence against the NYPD at his 1998 “Million Youth March.”

Malik Zulu Shabazz is not looking to make Detroit’s streets safe again. He is looking to raise up a genocidal army. And whether or not he ever runs for mayor, he is looking to take over Detroit.

The Nation of Islam started there, almost 80 years ago, and its founder, “Wallace Fard,” aka Wali Fard, aka, aka, aka, was run out of town by the DPD, following a gruesome, ritualized murder. (Fard’s real name was Wallace Ford, and he was an illiterate, Anglo-Indian con man from New Zealand without a drop of black blood in him.) Johnson and Shabazz surely see an NOI takeover as the murder cult coming home again.

But Shabazz, not Johnson, is the man of the hour. The ground has been prepared for a group that is different from the NOI in name only. The beliefs of genocidal black supremacy—Garveyism, the Moorish Science Temple, the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party, the Five Percenters, etc.—are a bloody mishmash that are no more than the expression of genocidal hatred of whites and Asians. Those beliefs are celebrated by members of different black groups, and by black supremacists who are not officially members of any black supremacist groups, such as propagandist Spike Lee—whom I suspect of being an unofficial member of the NOI—and various Hip-Hoppers.

* * *

Baby shower spat led to shooting that killed infant, grandmother says
By George Hunter
The Detroit News
February 24, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Delric Miller IV was killed Monday while he slept on the couch in his home in the 8400 block of Greenview Avenue. )

Detroit — A fight over a seat at a baby shower triggered the slaying of a 9-month-old boy, according to the victim's grandmother.

Delric Miller IV was killed Monday while he slept on the couch in his home in the 8400 block of Greenview Avenue. Police said someone opened fire at the house with an AK-47-type assault rifle at about 4:30 a.m., leaving behind 37 shells. One of the rounds struck the baby, who was pronounced dead on arrival at Sinai-Grace Hospital.

An AK-47: Detroit gangbangers say, “Don’t leave home without it”


Delric's grandmother, Cynthia Wilkins, said she believes the shooting was retaliation for a skirmish Sunday at a baby shower at the Club Celebrity on Plymouth Road in Detroit. The fight was over seating, she said.

"The shower was overbooked, and there was an argument because there weren't enough seats," said Wilkins. Her daughter, Diamond Salter, attended the shower, which was thrown by a friend, Wilkins said.

"A woman got mad because she couldn't find a seat, so she started knocking tables down and it escalated from there," Wilkins said. "My daughter and her friends left the club, but (a group of men and women) followed them to a gas station, and there was a fight with one of the guys who was at the shower with my daughter. Then, they followed them to the house.

"I think they came back the next day and shot up the house," said Wilkins, who sobbed as she recounted the week's events. "They went to the shower to celebrate life; instead, a life was destroyed."

The shooting outraged both police and residents, and prompted the Detroit 300, a group of community activists fed up with crime, to knock on doors asking questions, in hopes of finding the killer or killers.

A task force consisting of the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives and the Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case.

"It's still an ongoing investigation," said Sgt. Eren Stephens, a Detroit police spokeswoman.

Wilkins said Delric's relatives are "devastated" by the killing. "My daughter is barely holding it together," she said.

"Life is not valued in Detroit," Wilkins said. "It's a war zone here. We need some ground troops patrolling these streets; they send them all overseas, but they need to be here. I just don't know what's going on. People need to wake up."

The baby's death was the 43rd homicide in the city this year, up from 35 during the same period last year. It's also the second murder of a youngster in Detroit within the past three weeks.

"Again, adult behavior has brought another child in Detroit to an end," said Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, who expressed outrage over the murder during a news conference Monday.

Visitation will be held from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday at the O.H. Pye III Funeral Home, 17600 Plymouth Road. A funeral will be held at 12:30 p.m. Monday at the funeral home.

Crime Stoppers of Michigan is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip at (800) SPEAK-UP or call the Detroit police homicide division at (313) 596-2260.
(313) 222-2134

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story. He has sent me multiple Detroit News stories on the murder of Delric Miller IV. Unfortunately, in a newspaper imitation of cable TV news’ endless loop repeats of stories, the News has been cannibalizing and changing the order of old stories and reprinting them again and again, under new titles. This has been the first legitimate new story on Delric’s murder since Monday. The only person who has provided any possible insights into the murder has been Delric’s grandmother, Cynthia Wilkins. I’m going to say a prayer for that lady.

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