Thursday, April 08, 2021

ID and Mug Shot of Confessed “Target Practice” Shooter

Confessed “target practice” shooter, Sammie Nasser Abulaban

By GAB Buddy, @kaosktrl



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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The gunman who killed five people including a prominent doctor in South Carolina was former NFL player Phillip Adams, who killed himself early Thursday, according to a source who was briefed on the investigation.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly, said Adams’ parents live near the doctor’s home in Rock Hill, and that he had been treated by the doctor. The source said Phillips killed himself after midnight with a .45-caliber weapon.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said they had searched for hours before finding the suspect in a nearby home.

Adams, 33, played in 78 NFL games over five seasons for six teams. A safety and special teams player from South Carolina State, he joined the 49ers in 2010 as a seventh-round draft pick.

Rarely a starter, Adams also was with New England, Seattle, Atlanta, Oakland and the New York Jets, finishing his career with the Falcons in 2015.

Robert Lesslie, 70, and his wife, Barbara Lesslie, 69, were pronounced dead at the scene along with grandchildren Adah Lesslie, 9, and Noah Lesslie, 5, the York County coroner’s office said.

A man who had been working at the home, James Lewis, 38, from Gaston, was found shot to death outside, and a sixth person was hospitalized with “serious gunshot wounds,” York County Sheriff’s Office’s spokesperson Trent Faris said.

Faris said early Thursday that deputies were called around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday to the Lesslies’ home, and spent hours searching for the suspect before finding him in a nearby home.

“We have found the person we believe is responsible and we are with him at this time and that’s all I can say about the suspect,” Faris said, adding that they had no reason to believe anyone else was involved. “We are currently at his house and we are serving a search warrant.”

Lesslie had worked for decades as an emergency room doctor in Rock Hill, board-certified in both emergency medicine and occupational medicine and serving as emergency department medical director for nearly 15 years at Rock Hill General Hospital, according to his website.

He founded two urgent care centers in the area and wrote a weekly medical column for The Charlotte Observer. He also wrote a book, “Angels in the ER,” collecting what he termed “inspiring true stories” from his time in the emergency department.

“I know without a doubt that life is fragile,” Lesslie wrote, according to an excerpt. “I have come to understand that humility may be the greatest virtue. And I am convinced we need to take the time to say the things we deeply feel to the people we deeply care about.”

Faris said Lesslie was very well known in the Rock Hill community.

“Dr. Lesslie was my doctor growing up,” Faris said. “Dr. Lesslie has been one of those people that everybody knows. He started Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill and it’s been a staple in Rock Hill for years.”


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Update 10 a.m. ET April 8: Citing an unidentified source, the AP reported that former NFL player Phillip Adams killed five people, including a prominent doctor and two children, before killing himself early Thursday.

Adams’ parents live near the home of Dr. Robert Lesslie, one of the five people shot and killed Wednesday evening in Rock Hill, and the 32-year-old had previously been treated by the doctor, according to the AP.

GRA:What type of coverage will this receive--if any?How long before Adams' behavior is explained as mental illness and not racist hate of Whites?


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YORK COUNTY, S.C. — The father of a former NFL player Phillip Adams, who is the suspect in a shooting that left prominent Rock Hill Dr. Robert Lesslie and four other people dead, said his son took his own life after shooting six people in York County, South Carolina, Wednesday.

Alonzo Adams, the father of Phillip Adams, a former NFL player and college football star at South Carolina State, said his son shot six people, killing five, before taking his own life.

"I can say he's a good kid," Alonzo Adams said. "I think the football messed him up."

Officials would not say Thursday if the former NFL player had any known medical conditions.

Before Thursday, York County celebrated Adams' 2005 Rock Hill High School graduation and the collegiate and professional success that followed on the football field.

Adams played football at South Carolina State University after high school.

After college, Adams began a several-year NFL career. In his early days of playing professionally, Adams reportedly suffered two concussions.

In recent months, the 32-year-old Adams reminisced about his playing days on Instagram.

"He was a good kid. He was a good kid," his dad said. "He didn't talk much and he didn't bother nobody."

A self-described disciplined athlete, court records show a judge recently found Adams guilty of traffic violations and fined him stemming from a February York County traffic stop. Court records show the judge disposed his case on April 6.

"I don't think he ever did anybody any harm," Alonzo Adams said(GRA:He more than made up for THAT lull) before saying he knew the family. "All I can say is we pray for the family. He used to be my doctor a long time ago. I know they were good folks down there. We're gonna keep them in our prayers."
(GRA:Rule #1:Don't associate with blacks--you're chances of a shortened life go up considerably--and you never know when it will happen.)

York County Sheriff's Office investigators said Adams killed five people, including grandparents and their two grandchildren. Two contractors at the home were also shot. One of them succumbed to their injuries.