Thursday, April 29, 2021

Habitual Drunk Driver Kills Again, While Driving at 111 MPH and While on Probation for Previous Killing; Will She Get Only Probation Yet Again?

N.S.: I was wrong; you can get probation for killing people.

By R.C.
Tue, Apr 27, 2021 11:50 a.m.

Passenger dies after speeding car goes airborne, crashes into car dealership lot; driver faces DUI charges

The 24-year-old driver was traveling 111 mph on Interstate 4, and was on probation for a previous DUI manslaughter charge, troopers say. She survived, but a passenger did not.



Anonymous said...

You wonder if the racist,black witch,Jessica Beauvais will also get probation--while Chauvin gets 25 to 40 years.

Pay attention,Whites.

Anonymous said...

In the habit of doing so. Long prison sentence. No mercy.