Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Refutation of Demands for Slave Reparations

By Nicholas Stix

Whites didn’t enslave blacks, they emancipated them.



Anonymous said...

That's a fact, Jack! Slavery continues to exist in many turd world countries--in Africa, China, and the Middle East. And yes, slavery exists in America--not by White people, but by immigrants. Chinese slaves exist underground in Chinatowns--organized criminals in cahoots with the Communist Chinese government force people to emigrate illegally and then work off the debt as slaves or their families in China will be harmed. Frequently we read about immigrants who have fellow countrymen (usually women) enslaved working for them. Some say there is more slavery in the world than ever. But it is not Whites who are at fault. If Whites hadn't ended slavery it would still exist everywhere. And by the way, Mexicans in New Mexico continued to keep American Indian slaves as late as 1900--even though slavery was made illegal by White Americans.

Anonymous said...

More slaves now in the world than in 1865. American Indians too practiced slavery. Just called their slaves "captives". Comanche big time slave raiders.