Tuesday, April 27, 2021

There Goes the Neighborhood, in Grand Rapids

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“More on negroes, mex, and Loud Music.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 2:25:00 P.M. EDT

Jerry, let me tell you about what just happened on MY block where I live.

A house has been up for sale for a while—about seven houses away from mine. Last week, I saw a tall nig in the front yard as I was driving by. I looked—out of surprise—he looked like he wanted to kill me. He could be George Floyd’s twin—except meaner looking.

A couple days ago, I went out my front door to go to my car and I heard rap music that was so loud—it sounded as if I had headphones on my ears at full volume. I knew exactly where it was coming from.

I drove to where I had to go, came back, parked the car at my house and walked over to a White guy’s house who lives across the street from the newly moved-in black. The White guy was in his front yard and as I strolled over, I noticed a “black lives matter” sign in blackie’s window.

“I hear you have new neighbors across the street,” I joked. “Did you hear that noise 20 minutes ago coming from that house?”

“That wasn’t from there—two nice blacks moved in there.” “Nice? That was the loudest music I ever heard, and it WAS from there—plus he’s got a blm sign in his window—not good.”

We talked awhile, but though I don’t know this White guy well, I think I know him well enough to state that he won’t say anything (to cops especially) about those blacks blasting music and ruining the quiet neighborhood—he’s afraid.

There are Whites right next door to the blacks—about four feet between houses—so it’ll be up to them to call the cops on future noise explosions—as they should.

Another example of blacks intentionally not following Whitey’s law—they do it on purpose—and liberals don’t understand (care) why Whites like me hate blacks like this guy.

The White neighbor left our conversation with, “It’s going to be an interesting summer.”

You never know with crazy nigaboos what will happen.




Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I sent a comment on the changing demographics of my parents retirement neighborhood and I give it 5 to 10 yrs. before it becomes majority non white. The worst will be when the black kids hit their teenage years, they're just starting to play their music more and more and even my hard of hearing parents are starting to notice. They really don't need the stress and aggravation but it's being forced on us all.

Peteforester said...

Call me racist if you want, but when blacks move in, civilization moves out. I know this from personal experience. 'Nuff said...