Thursday, April 29, 2021

North Texas Indian Communities Pool Resources as Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc on Friends, Family

By A Texas Reader
Wed, Apr 28, 2021 9:34 a.m.

North Texas Indian Communities Pool Resources as Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc on Friends, Family

ATR: Can’t be true.

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Anonymous said...

Ivermectin will stop it, yet the WHO (controlled by China and Gates) and others tell them not to use it except in a clinical trial. Doctors in India like those here are stupid or afraid because they tell them there is nothing that works. Ivermectin is cheap and effective but there is no money to be made with it--unlike vaccines and expensive treatments. Find Dr. Pierre Kory's Senate testimony--the tech tyrants removed the video but there are places where it is still up if you search. Kory says, "If you take it you will not get sick."

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Now India is having a major outbreak? If it were even remotely as contagious as they were saying in the early days, India would have been at crisis level long ago. This makes me think of those early days and the CDC's ever changing (they like to say evolving) guidelines:
Currently, according to the CDC, Covid bugs are really no more contagious than any other cold or flu bug, which contradicts the early hysterical guidelines.

I'll never forget my older brother imperiously telling the family that we needed to follow all the safety precautions from the CDC. He declared that the droplets would live for days, even weeks, on any surface and you would be infected immediately if you touched them. Ordinary disinfectants didn't even work, they just spread the germs around, you had to use "extra strength" of some kind. We were supposed to shower before we visited our parents because it clung to hair and clothes and that we could only communicate from separate rooms. On and on...

I knew is was BS but stayed silent because "it would be endangering lives". I did do some research and explained to my brother that for this virus to project so far and be that hardy would be an unprecedented and science fictionish mutation, that there are 100 bacteria, germs & viruses that can lead to pneumonia (which is a catch all term for a variety of respiratory illnesses) and that none of them have this freakish contagious ability, one particular one simply couldn't suddenly involved into some kind of superbug that defies biological laws. All I got was a blank face and a stubborn repeat that we needed to follow the "CDC guidelines" because whatever they say is scientific fact.

Of course now with the new guidelines set forth by the very same CDC my brother was citing, I have been proven to be right. It's the same pattern with all our arguments, he buys into whatever the 5:00 news is telling him, I tell him it's false, he bellows out I'm wrong and then time proves me to be right. Usually I just let it go but I couldn't help but needle him by printing out a page of the new CDC guidelines, which contradict the early guidelines he claimed were gospel truth. His response was: "They were just being safe".

Exactly what I thought he was going to say.

It's funny because my brother is a highly intelligent man, I consider him to be smarter than I am, he always got better grades than me, even in college and I was a near straight A student. He makes more money than I do with a better job and has a very analytical and precise mind. However, he thinks that everything he sees on TV or the front pages is absolute fact and will not listen to anything that contradicts PC narratives. As a result he has no command of facts and no point of reference to anything I tell him. I do love my brother but he represents sadly, the majority of white Americans today, a mind that can't break out of the brainwashing from the media. It's not that he isn't smart enough, it's a psychological, emotional condition, an innate denial of truth of some sort. I'm not a psychologist so am not good at coming up with a textbook sounding definition but it exists. I just wish there was some way of breaking through, but I've been trying with friends and family for years and have barely made a dent in it.