Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Raceless Between-Con Arrested in Near Fatal Attack of Illegal Alien Red Chinese Man in Harlem

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Ex-Con Arrested in Brutal Attack of Asian Man in Harlem

N.S.: I don't like the phrase, "ex-con," because it is routinely abused. These guys are just between convictions.

The msm apply the phrase, for example, to parolees, but the latter are not ex-cons. They only become ex-cons when they have completed their parole. Note, too, that a large proportion of black convicts continue committing crimes while on parole, with no danger of being sent back to prison, short of murdering someone. (In this case, the vic is still alive, but barely, and the case became political.)

Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Eve Carson, and many other people are dead, because black parolees and probationers were permitted to continue committing crimes, without being sent back to prison, until they committed murder. At this rate, even murder won't count.

Ex-con arrested in brutal attack of Asian man in Harlem
Jarrod Powell allegedly stomped 61-year-old Yao Pan Ma at least six times in the head as he was...
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APR 27, 2021



Anonymous said...

So true,between crimes though--not even convictions.These thugs commit 10 times the number of crimes before they eventually get caught and convicted.Serve a couple years,than rinse and repeat.80% of black murders go unsolved.The "lesser" crimes of robbery,rape,drug dealing and assault even more so.


Anonymous said...

Vicious, mindless, cold, sadistic people. I would say soulless but I won't.

David In TN said...

The attacker claimed the victim and two other Asians "...maced and robbed me. It was self-defense."

Typical story. In fact, the one he would have used if the victim was White.