Monday, April 26, 2021

Thug Charged with Murder of 4-Year-Old Girl Had Been Arrested Six Times

By David in TN
Mon, Apr 26, 2021 10:54 a.m.

Thug Charged with Murder of 4-Year-Old Girl Had Been Arrested Six Times - Frontpagemag

David in TN: We see it all the time. Numerous offenses, light sentences, in and out of jail, finally a murder.

Who needs "criminal justice reform?"



Anonymous said...


GRA:I'm posting one of the few non-maniacal reports.

(Carolina public press)The search warrant issued for the Elizabeth City residence where Andrew Brown Jr. was shot and killed by law enforcement on Wednesday morning shows officers were looking for drugs, specifically crack cocaine, in the house and two vehicles, based on information from confidential informants.

The incident began when law enforcement went to the home at 421 Perry St. to serve the search warrant as well as arrest warrants for Brown, Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Wooten II said last week.

D. Ryan Meads, an investigator for the Albemarle Drug Task Force with the Pasquotank Sheriff’s Department, applied for the search warrant on Tuesday afternoon.

In the application for the warrant, Meads stated that he received information from the Dare County Narcotics Task Force regarding the alleged sale of illegal drugs by Brown.

Meads wrote that a Dare County agent, R.D. Johnson, received information from a confidential informant who claimed to have purchased drugs from Brown on several occasions for more than a year. According to the application, Dare County agents recorded the confidential informant allegedly purchasing cocaine from Brown on March 17 and methamphetamine on March 29.

The application also stated that Meads met with a confidential source who claimed to have purchased crack cocaine from Brown.

Meads sought to search the house as well as two vehicles, including one allegedly registered to Brown and one matching witnesses’ accounts of the vehicle in the shooting. The plate number of the vehicle observed in the shooting matches one of the vehicles described in the warrant.

GRA: NNN called the incident "an execution"--ratcheting the venom up in hopes of spurring riots.All drug dealers should be executed imho.


Anonymous said...

The father of the negress knife wielder killed by the cops has eighteen arrests. A real soul brother.

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The sh*t doesn't fall far from the sh*t tree.